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If you’d like to get in touch, please feel free to email us at one of the addresses below.

If you’re seeking advice or prayer:

First off, we urge you to seek Bible-based counsel from your pastor or a trusted friend/mentor who loves Jesus. It is vitally important that you include a pastor or counselor in whatever matters you’re dealing with in your marriage. Your local church is likely the best source for Christ-focused advice and counsel, and they should be able to provide pastoral care to walk with you through your journey.

If you’ve sought biblical counsel and still would like to connect with us, please email us at care [ at ] fiercemarriage [ dot ] com. (Pardon the weird email address, but it’s necessary to avoid receiving spammy email.)

If you’re inquiring about promotional content partnerships:

We are rarely able to accommodate requests for book reviews and other product/service promotions. In all cases, it must be something that adds value to our readers and aligns with our mission of urging couples to go deeper in their relationship with Christ. You can read about our core values on this page:

Please note: we do not currently offer banner advertising of any kind on our blog.

If you have a product, book, or service that you believe fits within our core values, please send us an email (address below) that includes as much detail as possible. We love sharing products & services that our readers will enjoy!

We will be in touch if we have capacity and alignment to serve you well.

promos [ at ] fiercemarriage [ dot ] com

Questions about other speaking requests or other in-person ministry opportunities:

Please fill out the form on our Speaking Inquiries page to the best of your ability, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Here’s the link for reference:

You could alternatively email us at speaking [ at ] fiercemarriage [ dot ] com if desired.