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Thank you for considering helping us. Your contribution to this site will enable us to keep writing and ministering to young couples around the world, free of charge, and free of advertisements. This page provides brief context for why we’re asking for support, and a disclaimer about what that actually means.

Our story (quickly)

We started this blog because we felt God prompted us to do so. We realized that young couples don’t always receive the best advice before heading into marriage, and since we were married young (at 20 & 21 years old), we thought we had something of value to bring to the conversation.

Since January of 2013, we’ve spent countless hours creating content (writing, videos, software, and images). We’ve also spent considerable time ministering to couples one-on-one, via phone, email, and in person. This has been an extremely rewarding season for us, and we’ve recently come to the realization that we will be writing for the rest of our lives. God made this very clear to us in May of 2014.

Why we’re asking for support

While Fierce Marriage has grown at a healthy pace, we have been the biggest hindrance. Our time is scarce because we both work jobs and write in our off-hours. This has been sustainable, but we realized that if we don’t change something fast, one of two things will likely happen: we will burn out, or the blog will stagnate.

We want to spend more time ministering and building Fierce Marriage into a timeless, valuable resource for generations to come. To do that, we need to supplement our income so we can spend less time at our current work and more time in this work.

That’s why we came up with this plan, and a few partnership options (below the disclaimer).

The required disclaimer

We have to include this because, well, people are crazy and unpredictable on the internet. Also, there are plenty of shady scammers and websites, so let us be forthcoming here. We have to be crystal clear, so please read this carefully.

By supporting Fierce Marriage financially, you understand the following:

  • is not a non-profit organization, and Ryan & Selena Frederick have no affiliation with one.
  • We cannot produce tax-deductible receipts or other documentation, since we are not a non-profit organization.
  • We are not counselors, doctors, attorneys, or anything of the sort. Our advice is strictly editorial – other than relying 100% on the Bible for wisdom.
  • If you need professional help, find a professional. You cannot purchase it here.
  • By giving, you recognize it’s not in exchange for any advice, service, or professional help whatsoever and any additional content you receive is our gift to you. You may receive special content in return for your partnership, but this is only to say thank you, and not in exchange for your contribution.
  • You are giving because you believe in the mission and impact of Fierce Marriage, endorse it, and want to play a part in the work we are doing in the name of Jesus Christ. For all intents and purposes, you are making a donation that is NOT tax deductible in an effort to keep the Fierce Marriage community growing, vibrant, and ad-free.

That should cover it. If you want to support us, thank you in advance!

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