September 4, 2023

Communication Signals vs. Noise, Turning Away Wrath, and Robert Dodds

ONE Thought (from us)

Productive communication requires effective sending AND receiving of signals. Still, noise can often cloud things and make receiving signals difficult. This means, we must understand how both work and learn to discern when we’re sending and/or receiving each, that is, if we want to productively communicate in marriage!

Noise includes the communication (information) we send/receive unintentionally through tone, body language, timing, attitude, and context. Factors surrounding what your spouse is communicating can make unclear what they’re intending to say. Signal includes the purest, truest version of what we aim to communicate.

Marriages that grow skilled in sending and receiving signals with fidelity enjoy shared meaning—they not only hear what they say, but they also hear the heart behind it! It’s a worthy aim, and thankfully, communication is a skill you can build as you build a life together.

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. (Prov 15:1)

ONE Quote (from another)

“The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.”
– Robert Dodds

ONE Question (for you)

How can you learn to send clearer signals in your marital communication this week?

Note: We talked about this topic in this week’s podcast episode. Be sure to watch or listen to get the full discussion! We also have a perfect resource for you if you’re looking to grow in your communication skills! Our two NEWEST books, called How a Husband Speaks and How a Wife Speaks are available now!

Much love and stay fierce!

Ryan & Selena Frederick
Founders of Fierce Marriage