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Video: Look Up

I’m always leery of viral videos and can usually determine if they are worth a watch depending on who posted it (you know it’s true).

Needless to say, we (Ryan and I) felt like this video is somewhat timely with summer on the way. It really struck a chord in us about this never ending battle with technology and its affect on our marriage.

An open appeal to husbands and wives.Lately I’ve felt like I’ve been losing the fight. The urgency to check a post or an image can sometimes take priority over other important things: Ryan and I’s conversations; interaction and engagement with our baby – I’m sure we’ve all been there.

We have a few different posts about how Ryan and I try to deal with the flood of social media such as Quality Time: 3 Habits for Unplugged Dating, and Margin in your Marriage.

Honestly, Jesus is still the prime example of a free, flourishing, deep and full life – and guess how he ministers to us? Not through social media, but through a personal relationship.

My mind is still blown by this fact: the Savior of the world wants to connect with me, every day, all the time. He wants to be in my world – not via social media, through an email or text, but one on one.

This video presents some great points to think about. Ok, go watch it and then – get off your phone!

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  • Katie / Wild Grapes Blog

    Wow. Great reminder! Thank you for posting this.

    • Selena Frederick

      Welcome! Thank you for the encouraging comments.

  • Michael

    I loathe social media so much, but as a man who works overseas for months at a time Facebook provides a window to life back home as I miss my family. I can’t wait until I land a job that will keep me in the states. Whenever that does happen I am determined to quit the social media sites and get myself a flip-phone.

    • Selena Frederick

      That’s definitely a “fierce” way to combat social media when you get back. I agree – I have such a love-hate relationship with it. The fight has evolved, I think, from it being entertainment to now influencing major decisions and dictating how we act at times. This is great stuff, thank you again for sharing.

  • ale

    LOVE IT!!

    • Selena Frederick

      Awesome, thanks for the feedback =)

  • drea

    Wow! That was powerful. Sadly this is what I see in my family and all around!

  • Brutus81

    Amazing! I’m going to share with everyone I can. Cause its absolutely true. My wife and I make comments about how family sit around a table when we’re out to eat, and no one is talking. All are texting, or surfing, or tweeting. There is a true disconnect from people these days. I can’t agree more, put down that device and Live life with people.

    Make the disconnect! I did, and its changed my life. Discover God, discover people.
    I’ve been free of Facebook, chat rooms, and other social gathering places online. I honestly was so disconnected with life around me, I’ve had to relearn to communicate. I’m learning to have real relationships with real people. And guess what it takes work, have to pick up the phone and make a call, go meet someone in person, have a conversation, using your voice. Its a crazy concept I know.

    But its not only good for you, but its good for the other person.

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  • Daniella Ilona Moreno

    yes this had me teared up!!! Im little girl at heart makes me think of all the old days of just not being connected to the internet or phones and just being in the present!!

  • Daniella Ilona Moreno

    Makes me think of my mom and dad ,family time and dinner just good ole days and the good times with my husband name Nicolas and my son now Alexander, time really does go by fast!!! Times its hard not be swept away by social media but, My God and life itself is to precious to pass hrs and hrs away!!

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