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Video: How to Fight Familiarity in Your Marriage

When you spend your life getting to know the same person, you get the awesome privilege to know them more deeply than anyone else on the planet – and they you. However, familiarity in your marriage is a double edged sword.

If we’re not careful we can become too familiar with each other which can cause problems. These issues can range from forgetting to extend small common courtesies (like listening well, opening doors, being romantic) to bigger problems like totally disengaging from the relationship.

Watch the video above for some candid thoughts on how to fight the bad effects of familiarity in marriage and amplify the good.

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  • Monica

    This was a great video. It made me reflect on how the little ways we treat each other daily can have such a big impact…whether negative or positive.

  • Ana

    Great message. Let’s not forget that the Sabbath is God’s 4th commandment, it is not just a Levitical law that is to be forgotten :) Love your vlogs though, such an authentic and lovely couple. Always look forward to the next one!