Perseverance, NOT Perfection is the Goal

Trying to make your marriage perfect will eventually feel like a lost hope, but trusting in the Lord will bring life and longevity to a struggling marriage. Join us and be encouraged! Watch, or Listen Below!

Micro-Decisions that Make a Huge Difference in Marriage

The daily decisions you make with your spouse can either bring you closer together or drive you further apart. Join us to hear more about these positive micro-decisions you can make to strengthen your marriage! Watch, or Listen Below!

Communication Signals vs. Noise In Marriage

Check out this session from our latest communication masterclass which will be released shortly! We hope to share the purpose behind your communication with your spouse and pray it blesses you! Watch, or Listen Below!

The Cosmic Cold War on Marriage (and 3 Ways You Can Fight Back)

Over time, we have seen the beauty of marriage torn apart little by little by modern culture and it’s left us with a false and distorted view of God’s good and original design. Listen in to hear how you can fight back against this modern narrative! Watch, or Listen Below!

Marriage is NOT Give and Take

Does the title of this episode rub you the wrong way? All the more reason to join us to see what we mean! Watch, or Listen Below!

The Five Facets of a Fierce Man

This week Ryan takes on the show, solo, to help encourage men in five key areas of their lives. Men, you don’t want to miss this and wives, be sure to pass this along to your husband! Or, feel free to listen in to learn more ways you can encourage your husbands in their walk of faith. Watch, or Listen Below!

UNITY: Why You Need it and How to Get It

So much is at stake when a couple struggles with disunity. We want to help! Our hope is that you would call on God to realign your hearts and establish unity within your marriage. Listen in to hear the full discussion! Watch, or Listen Below!

Why Speaking Sensually Is GOOD for Your Marriage

This week we’re in Song of Solomon discussing what it means to sensually speak to your spouse within a Christian marriage. As Ryan says, “Much to a lover’s delight, even these questions have answers in scripture, and hardy ones at that.” Watch, or Listen Below! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Thoughts Concerning Men and Marriage

This topic is something that is very near and dear to our hearts because God has important roles for men to fulfill to help shape the health of our families and society. We hope to encourage you and remind you of the unique purpose men have been given! Watch, or Listen Below! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes