One is a Talker, the Other is Not

Many couples face communication challenges because one is a talker and the other is not. In this episode, we walked through some ideas to help bridge the connection void if that’s you. Enjoy!

These 3 Lies Will Drive You Apart

Becoming isolated from each other and community is the quickest way to create division in your marriage. Today we’ll discuss three lies that typically lead to isolation and how to avoid them.

5 Argument De-Escalation Strategies

We all know it… that moment when you feel a conversation take a turn for the worst. Things begin to escalate and a fight seems inevitable. In this episode, Ryan and Selena talk through five ways you can keep the “turn for the worst” from happening.

How to Pray as a Couple (with Less Awkwardness)

We asked couples what keeps them from praying together, and the #1 answer was: it’s awkward. So, we did a whole episode on how to pray with your spouse (in a way that’s not too awkward). Enjoy! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Skill #3: Fighting Well (Back to Basics, 3 of 4)

If a couple can’t fight productively, things will be very difficult for them. In today’s episode we discuss practical ways to build the essential skill of arguing well as a couple. We hope it helps and blesses you, enjoy! Our marriage learning project ~~Gospel Centered Marriage~~ is open for enrollment! It’s a great way to build a solid marriage foundation get on the same page…