Manipulation in Marriage

As we discovered, there is a vast array of manipulation methods at play in human relationships. The question is, which ones are you unwittingly using against each other in your marriage? Rationalization, minimization, lying (by omission and commission), shaming, vilifying, seduction, and many other methods might be at work in ways you’re unaware. In this episode, we explored what the Bible says about manipulation (as…

Expectations are Everything

Expectations are constantly at work in every marriage. The question is whether or not we’re aware of them and in agreement on what they should be. In this episode we posed dozens of questions for listener consideration about expectations in sex, money, communication, in-laws, hobbies, divisions of chores/labor, church, and more.   While this episode will be particularly helpful for our nearly- and newlywed listeners,…

4 Talks to Help Cultivate a See-Through Marriage

We recently did a mini-series for our new book See-Through Marriage, where we focused on 4 main topics in the book that cover ways to cultivate a transparent marriage. Here, we have compiled all 4 episodes together in one place. We hope these episodes bless you and your marriage! You can purchase See-Through Marriage wherever books are sold. Sex: See-Through Marriage (1 of 4) In part…

Having Political Disagreements as a Couple

With everything going on in society, we thought it would be timely to discuss ways to have productive political conversations as a couple. While we didn’t cover the hot-topics themselves, hopefully this episode will help you and your spouse “come to the table” and hash out tough political disagreements. We discussed the four big presuppositions to every conversation, the cultural lies they dispel, and how…

Discerning the Voices That Speak Into Your Marriage

A listener asked, “who we should let influence our thoughts, opinions, and actions” in life and marriage. Join us as we root out the where and why we believe voices and ideas that shouldn’t have input into our lives. Warning, things got a little more fiery… but we still had fun.

Tough Talks: See-Through Marriage (Part 2/4)

This is part 2 of a 4 part series that covers ways to cultivate a transparent marriage. Each episode in this series is based on a topic covered in our latest book, See-Through Marriage ( Make sure to pre-order to get the free discussion guide and audiobook!

Signs and Seeds of Contempt

Contempt is one of the sure signs that a relationship is in big trouble. In this episode we look at how contempt begins in a marriage and discuss how the gospel disarms even the most contempt-filled relationships.

10 Ways to De-Escalate BIG Arguments

It’s tough to think straight when you and your spouse are in a heated argument. That’s why it’s helpful to have tangible tools already in-hand before the fight begins. Today we talked through James 1 and covered 10 intensely tangible ways to de-escalate big arguments in your marriage. Enjoy!

Making BIG Decisions As One

How are we called to make BIG decisions as a couple? In this episode, learn 7 steps of decision making and gain practical tools for working through decisions of your own. Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Chores, Adulting, and the Division of Labor

Division of labor… it has to be done. We must learn to share adulthood responsibilities as a couple. But how can you do it in a way that doesn’t cause arguments daily? Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes