How Do I Pray with My Spouse? (Part 1)

Nothing changes our hearts like praying with the living God! In this episode we talk about the why, when, and how of prayer, particularly for married couples and spouses praying for one another. Readers often ask the question “How do I pray with my spouse?” Here is a quick look at what prayer is (why we pray), when to pray, and how to start. As…

Fight Me!

There is an art to arguing well. The first, and most important key to fighting well is to never give up—never quit the fight, run away, or disengage. “Push through the ambush.” In this episode, Ryan and Selena look at what the Bible says about conflict, then they discuss 5 practical tips for fighting well.

Communicating With Clarity When Things Aren’t So Clear

Communication continues to be one of the most hotly requested topics from our listeners. So, today we talked about themes that tend to undermine healthy communication: 1) Oversimplification, 2) Failure to Empathize, and 3) Bad Timing and Tone. Listen and learn new ways to approach conversations and conflict with clarity fueled by biblical love. We hope you enjoy! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Calling Us Out to Draw Us In

God calls us out of our hiding, not for our shame, but so that we may flourish in fulfilling our ultimate purpose: to glorify him. This description is short, because I’m writing it as we wait for Selena to have our third daughter! Carry on… we hope this episode blesses you! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Marriage Adversaries vs. Marriage Advocates

While it is nice to have friends around you that will watch your back and take your side, those same friends should understand that most often, the BEST way they can love you well is to fight for you AND the health of your marriage. In this episode, we discussed the differences between marriage advocates vs. marriage adversaries. Enjoy! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Foundations of Forgiveness

Forgiving others when we’re genuinely hurt is one of the most difficult but important principles we must learn in marriage. In this episode, we looked at The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (Matthew 18) and explored all it can mean for life and marriage. We hope it blesses you. Listen below.

5 Hurtful Phrases to Remove from Your Marriage Vocabulary

It seems like marriage is just another word for “endlessly learning to communicate”. Yes, there is so much more to marriage than communication, but how many marital issues would be erased or solved if we just learned to communicate in a more healthy manner? Our 15 years of marriage have taught us that it’s not a matter of if we disagree, but when we do,…

Control, Surrender, Your Marriage, and You

The desire to control outcomes and realities is at the root of all marital discord. Why? Because at its root the desire to control that which is out of our control is rooted in a distrust of God. If our spouse is disengaged, we want to nag so he or she will re-engage. When our finances aren’t where we want them to be, we work…

Battling Discouragement in Life and Marriage

Looking inward is just about the worst way to handle ongoing discouragement in life and marriage. Instead, we must look to Christ and God’s Word to realign our downcast hearts with the promises afforded us in the Gospel. As a married couple, you can also help each other by reminding one another about the never-fading goodness in Christ. We hope this episode encourages you, especially…