Burn the Ships! Why Not Having a Plan B is a Necessity in Marriage

One of the best ways to make your marriage sustainable is to torch all backup plans. Why? Because only then can we begin to fully realize what covenant means. How? In a word: trust. We must trust that God designed marriage covenantally for a reason… even when it feels impossibly hard. Join us to explore what burning ships could look like in your marriage.

The Great Marriage Killer

Most relationships start out well, but then a certain something comes along and cracks the foundation. If left alone, it will eventually poison the entire marriage. What is it? Well, you’ll have to watch/listen to find out!

God is love…but, love isn’t God!

Love might not be what you think it is. In this episode we’ll look at the wonderful, counter-cultural, biblical idea of love. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

Purposeful Sendoffs (The Home, 4 of 4)

What an opportunity we have, as Christians, to view our days as more than simply coming and going to/from work, activities, church, the store, and wherever else daily life takes you. What if every exit from the home was a strategic send-off of an ambassador out into the world? God has provided opportunities for us to live out the Great Commission uniquely and purposefully within…

Bringings Others In (The Home, 3 of 4)

Is your home a place where others see and experience Christ? What does that even mean…? In this episode, we explored three questions: How is Jesus our model for hospitality? Is your home a place that welcomes those who need Christ? And, is your home a place where ministry within the body of Christ happens? We hope this episode blesses you and others by way…

Sex After Betrayal

I never would have imagined these things happening in my marriage. For a long time, I was blissfully unaware of the deep, silent battle being waged by my husband. He was in the midst of taking many small steps in the wrong direction. Illicit images on screens eventually led to an actual affair, which led to him being kicked out, which led to both of…

What is a “Home”? (The Home, 2 of 4)

What is a home, exactly? In today’s episode we explore how the places and spaces we call home are more than houses. They’re also so much more than “live, laugh, love” signs and pinterest-perfect furnishings. Listen in and be encouraged: your home is a place where profound things happen, and probably more often than you think. Enjoy!

Partners in Grief

It’s been two years since my brother died, two years and change, when I almost died in a car accident.  I say “almost die” because I could have died, but instead I climbed out of my totaled car basically unscathed. I don’t remember much from the accident, but I do remember the woman I hit helping me out of my car.  I remember her saying,…

Seizing Missional Moments (The Home, 1 of 4)

Our mission is point couples to Christ and encourage them in the Gospel, but what can be said of the spaces those same couples occupy, namely, the home? In this new series, we’ll be looking closely at the home and the role it can play in the spiritual formation, emotional connection, and missional alignment of you, our lovely listeners. Enjoy!

Protecting the Purity of Your Sex Life (Sex Talks, 4 of 4)

Every treasure needs protecting and your sex life as a married couple is no exception! We’ve spent the last four weeks talking in depth about why sex is a blessing, how to enjoy it more fully, and pitfalls to avoid, but how do we intentionally protect our sex life? What are we protecting it from? What tactics can be used to be effective in protecting…