Our Secret Weapon for Communication

Our secret weapon for communication is a practice as old as time, but one that is seldom used often enough. Tune in as we discuss ways to have healthy lines of communication that build up your marriage for the glory of God and for your joy. Watch, or Listen Below! Listen here

Do We Need Marriage Mentors?

Many of us have heard the term “marriage mentor” before, but today we want to introduce another, perhaps less intimidating way to receive relational guidance in your marriage. Watch, or Listen Below! Listen here

Why Is Marriage Worth Fighting For?

In this episode, we want to encourage and embolden you to fight fiercely for your marriage and remind you why it’s so important. Watch, or Listen Below! Listen here

Building Biblical Literacy in the Home

If taken seriously, this single topic could revolutionize your marriage, and it’s probably the one that most take for granted: Biblical Literacy. Watch, or Listen Below! Listen here

The Dangers of DMs

Can any good come from DMing the opposite sex… when they’re not your spouse? We don’t think so. Watch to explore alongside us. Watch, or Listen Below! Listen here

The Husband Paradox

How can a husband be tough for his wife, but tender with her? Today we discuss just that. Watch, or Listen Below! Listen here

Loving Your Spouse Through Grief: 3 Principles to Guide Your Care

When Casey and her husband lost their two-year-old daughter unexpectedly, the crushing sorrow could have destroyed their marriage. “Grief tends to exaggerate personalities and magnify what already is,” says Casey. Instead, the couple discovered that, if they stewarded the experience well, grief could actually strengthen their relationship. Research tells us that 12 percent of marriages end after the death of a child. While many couples…