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Video: What does selfless love look like?

UPDATE: Ian and Larissa have recently written a book about their remarkable story. It’s called “Eight Twenty Eight”, and you can check it out on their website.

We talk about selfless love quite a bit. It truly is the ultimate goal for married couples to understand and live out selfless love: both in how we love each other and in how we experience Christ’s love.

Ian and Larissa give us a glimpse of what selfless love can look like in marriage. After about a year of dating, Ian suffered a traumatic brain injury that changed him forever. He had been shopping for rings as he planned to ask Larissa to marry him.

Larissa was left with a choice: stick with Ian, or move on with her life.

A vivid example of selfless love

This video made me cry. There are a few points where you can see so vividly the excitement and love they have for one another. What an amazing glimpse into the type of love God wants and has for us.

May you be encouraged to love your spouse more selflessly after watching this video. Virtually every marriage faces ailments and disabilities that are physical or non-physical, but all are real none-the-less.

Selfish love would have us move on as soon as the relationship stops giving us what we need. But selfless love says, “I will be who I promised to be, even if you won’t or can’t uphold your promise.”

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What are some ways you can show your spouse selfless love more? Please share, and there are no wrong answers.

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