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Video: What does selfless love look like?

UPDATE: Ian and Larissa have recently written a book about their remarkable story. It’s called “Eight Twenty Eight”, and you can check it out on their website.

We talk about selfless love quite a bit. It truly is the ultimate goal for married couples to understand and live out selfless love: both in how we love each other and in how we experience Christ’s love.

Ian and Larissa give us a glimpse of what selfless love can look like in marriage. After about a year of dating, Ian suffered a traumatic brain injury that changed him forever. He had been shopping for rings as he planned to ask Larissa to marry him.

Larissa was left with a choice: stick with Ian, or move on with her life.

A vivid example of selfless love

This video made me cry. There are a few points where you can see so vividly the excitement and love they have for one another. What an amazing glimpse into the type of love God wants and has for us.

May you be encouraged to love your spouse more selflessly after watching this video. Virtually every marriage faces ailments and disabilities that are physical or non-physical, but all are real none-the-less.

Selfish love would have us move on as soon as the relationship stops giving us what we need. But selfless love says, “I will be who I promised to be, even if you won’t or can’t uphold your promise.”

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What are some ways you can show your spouse selfless love more? Please share, and there are no wrong answers.

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  • Just by giving him more grace in his flaws. I need to be sure to compare him to Christ as he is the priest of my home, but to remember that in the end he isn’t my Savior. I only have One, and He is watching over our marriage.

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  • Nobesuthu

    By putting his needs first before mine. I was really touched by this story.

  • This was such a wonderful reminder of what really matters. We give far too much thought to the things that don’t matter at all.

    I liked when you said, “I know if the situation was reversed, he wouldn’t have left me.”

  • The video reminded me what really matters in a marriage. Selfless love and understanding. The video left me sad because I realized that I’m selfish much to often. My husband loves me so much and I’m not always on the same page. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video.

  • Oc Film Company

    I’ve watched this video and my heartstrings were definitely touched! Selfless love indeed! This is so Christ-like! I think to take care of your spouse who has brain injury or even any other types of disabilities is genuine love. Not everybody can handle this but she did and it’s all because they have Christ at the center of their relationship and most of all their marriage.

  • Freemanh1983

    Ok, this is sweet but I have to say making it seem like selfless love only happens when someone is hurt or sick bothers me. She did what any person would do when they truly love someone. People giving her pity because she stayed with him is saying he is now less of a person and doesn’t deserve her or someone else s love. How is that right? She loved him, and any decent person who loved someone else would do the same. If they didn’t, they never loved the person and should be talked about and shamed then. True love is loving someone fully, faults and all, not loving who you wish they were if they could change those faults. I have friends who have had husbands loose legs, so on and it was never something of pity. They loved them all the same. I do know someone that left her husband after he became paralyzed in Iraq. Having two children with a man and then leaving him when he needs her most. This is just plain wrong and should not be looked at as excusable because they were injured.

    • Tristan

      I feel like you missed the point its not to pity her or honour her its to celebrate selfless love or what you call true love. Alot of people would have left not everone has virtues or a code it is just an example. Everybody throws around the word love and do not realize it is a word the has power all on its own. They don’t know the true meaning like you do.

    • RelaxEric

      I agree. She did something good, not god. Such an odd point of view to praise god every time someone does something good, or not despicable.

    • Liz

      I agree with Tristan and let us not forget that they were not married. They had been dating 10 months, they were not even engaged. Many people do not know if this person is the person they are going to spend their life with after 10 months and having such a huge disability happen to them can really affect that decision.

  • HCS

    The best love is the selfish love… When you are so selfish that you want the best for your partner, but you are doing it because you love doing it in a selfish way. That you are not doing it as a sacrifice. .

  • ren

    It’s just like you already said. Hold up my end, whether he is holding up his or not. I will give him everything I’ve got, even when he’s not “earning it” at that moment, because that’s what I said I’d do… And there will surely come a time when I’m being undeserving too.

  • Libby Oswalt

    GOD bless this couple. My husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on September 10, 2013. He have been wheel chair bound for about three years, also his speech is very impaired as well as his eyes. Yes sometimes it gets difficult taking care of him but I love him and when we said in our wedding vows “for better or for worse” for life, I made a vow before GOD and so we are fulfilling that vow.

  • WithoutHer

    Please pray for our marriage. I was an addict, but my wife loved me enough to see me through a year long inpatient rehab program. After I came home things were not the same, she fought while I was gone but once I came home she gave up. She wants a divorce. Pray we can salvage our marriage.

    • Dave

      I hope things are better for you. She needs to learn to trust you, again. You have to be absolutely pennant and willing to allow her to trust you.

  • malta

    I respectively honor her .We live in a selfish society that runs or get divorced at the slightest sign of trouble.True love at its finest only God

  • Andrea Baugher

    An image and brief blog from a series of drawings I’m working on for the Fruits of the Spirit. This one is “Love.” :)

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