The Secret (and Super Obvious) Ingredient

This week we recapped a few recent arguments we had to help illustrate how this one ingredient changes everything. While our fights had to do with dinners and sex, they each actually had nothing to do with either. You’ll have to listen to the episode to discover what that means! Spoiler alert: the ingredient is super obvious, but how it’s added makes all the difference.…

Serving is Pursuing

Serving is not likely to make it to the top of most people’s “things that are sexy about marriage” list. Still, serving one another is one of the most profound (if not THE most profound) ways to love each other in marriage. In today’s episode, we discussed three ways Jesus showed us to serve one another when he washed his disciples’ feet. We also shared…

Rebuilding Trust After a Betrayal

Being betrayed by the one you love is one of the worst feelings imaginable. How can a couple find reconciliation and healing after trust is shattered. It’s not easy and it requires both spouses to work hard, but there is hope. In today’s episode we discussed stories in betrayal in the Bible—namely how we’ve betrayed God in sin—and what they can show us about finding…

How to Change Your Spouse

If you could change one thing about your spouse, what would it be? Life would be so much easier if we could just change our spouse, right? The problem is, God never called husbands and wives to change each other… heart change is God’s domain alone. So, what can we do when we’re living in a relationship where we’re unequally yoked and change is needed,…

Loving Your Spouse with Your Mind

So much of the marriage battlefield happens in your own mind. As believers, we’re called to be transformed by the RENEWING of our minds. How does work itself out in terms of how we think about our spouse in marriage? Listen in as we talk through the hope we have in God’s Word, our fleshly tendencies, how we have agency over our own minds, and…

Faith, Fear, and Marriage

We tend to be caught on our heels in marriage, reacting to each other instead of loving, seeing, and serving each other in ways that are faith-filled. In today’s conversation, we discussed three tangible enemies of faith and how they can be a factor in every marriage.

Truth, Love, or Both?

Speaking truth is important, but speaking truth in love is a command. The trouble is, in marriage we tend to speak the toughest truths the most blunt ways possible. Today we look at three important reminders for why we must master the art of speaking the truth in love, especially in marriage. Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

3 Sure Signs of a Healthy Couple

At the root of every healthy relationship lies humility. Why? The most toxic sin (and the opposite of humility) is pride. Pride puffs up. Pride is self-sovereign. Pride is self-seeking. C.S. Lewis once wrote, “For pride is spiritual cancer: it eats up the very possibility of love, or contentment, or even common sense.” But there’s good news! Gospel-fueled humility is the antidote to pride. Read the…

Reclaiming Real Romance

It’s easy to forget to pursue each other when you’ve been together for a while. Life gets busy, time gets scarce, and before we know it, we’ve forgotten to intentionally love one another. This week we discussed tangible ways to enjoy each other more in marriage. Enjoy! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Finding the Absolute Definition of Love

If a couple isn’t on the same page in how they define love, they’re in for quite a challenging marriage. Thankfully there is a perfect and final authority who can tell us what love is. In this episode, we discussed why and how Jesus is our ultimate authority, definition, and example of love. Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes