Do We Need Marriage Mentors?

Many of us have heard the term “marriage mentor” before, but today we want to introduce another, perhaps less intimidating way to receive relational guidance in your marriage. Watch, or Listen Below! Listen here

Why Is Marriage Worth Fighting For?

In this episode, we want to encourage and embolden you to fight fiercely for your marriage and remind you why it’s so important. Watch, or Listen Below! Listen here

How to Love a Passive or Disengaged Spouse?

When you lose the connection with your spouse, it can feel impossible to bring it back to life. We’re here to give some hope and help. Watch, or Listen Below! Listen here Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

6 Ways to Affair-Proof Your Marriage (Remix)

No couple plans to have an affair! Why not learn steps to safeguard against one? In this remixed episode, Ryan and Selena talk through some tangible ways to wisely guard your marriage from all manner of affair—physical and emotional. Watch, or Listen Below! Listen here Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

The Myth of the Soulmate

Is there just ONE person you should marry? What if you think you married the wrong person? In this episode we talked about why the idea of the “soulmate” is a myth, and everyone would be better off if it just went away. Watch, or Listen Below! Listen here Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Burn the Ships! Why Not Having a Plan B is a Necessity in Marriage

One of the best ways to make your marriage sustainable is to torch all backup plans. Why? Because only then can we begin to fully realize what covenant means. How? In a word: trust. We must trust that God designed marriage covenantally for a reason… even when it feels impossibly hard. Join us to explore what burning ships could look like in your marriage. Watch,…

Sacred Simmering

One of the great challenges of sexual fulfillment in the twenty-first century is that there’s so little time and energy left over to enjoy sex. I get sympathetic laughs in my talks whenever I mention “hotel sex.” Two of the main reasons hotel sex (or vacation sex) creates such a different experience are time and energy. Most of us who are older than thirty will…

Skill #2: Teamwork (Back to Basics, 2 of 4)

A constant reminder that floats throughout the Frederick household is “we’re on the same team(!!).” There is no replacement for truly being in unity, advocating for one another, making memories, and valuing one another as equally important parts of the marital team. The best part? Teamwork in marriage is a habit you can cultivate and if you do, it will revolutionize your relationship. We hope…

God, Spouse, Kids— Priorities Matter

When things are in alignment, everything runs smoothly. But when one piece of the puzzle is missing— or one moving part of an engine is out of place— the whole system becomes compromised.  My husband and I hit rock bottom in our marriage before we recognized that our priorities were way out of alignment. Perhaps you feel this in your own marriage right now.  Maybe…

Prioritizing Our Marriage by Taking it Off Cruise Control

It seems like it should be easy, effortless, even fun. Of course our marriage is a priority.  As restrictions on this pandemic lift, however, we’ve realized we’ve very much set our marriage to cruise control these last 13+ months. And suddenly, the effects are settling in.  See, when the world shut down last spring, we quickly adjusted to a new way of life. Calendars scaled…