Prayer + Pursuit, and Why Your Marriage Needs Both

Your marriage needs both PRAYER and PURSUIT. Prayer is going to God and entrusting him with everything that is out of your control, while pursuit means choosing to live out the actions of love. In this episode we hashed out principles and practicalities around both. Enjoy!

5 Important Considerations When Dating To Marry

Dating is a funny thing. It’s not overtly discussed in scripture, and those living somewhere between single and married often ask us for advice. So, I figured it was time to write a post specifically for those who are in serious dating relationships, or want to learn principles for dating when they meet that special someone. Get the Transcript

Out of the Dust (Chris and Stephanie Teague)

Chris and Stephanie lived the ideal romantic story. They were highschool sweethearts, they loved each other, and they shared a love and devotion for God. Everything changed when Chris lost his faith, left Stephanie, and filed for divorce. They thought they had reached the end of their story, but God had other plans.

Burn the Ships!

Marriage is designed to be a covenantal relationship that far exceeds any other relational construct. It’s immensely important and incredibly beautiful as God designed it. In this episode we talked about the bigness and depth of what it means to live in a covenantal marriage.

5 Strategies for Healthy Step-Families

Couples in blended families face some of the most complex issues marriages can possibly face. That’s why I’m thrilled to have this guest blog post from Mike and Kim Anderson. We recently interviewed them on the Fierce Marriage Podcast and our conversation was so helpful that I asked them to write an article. Important note: you can’t talk about step-families without talking about what the…

Your Wife, Your Ultimate Standard of Beauty

This is an issue that will make or break your marriage. Men, we are constantly barraged with culture’s standard of womanly beauty. We’re told over and over again that a beautiful woman must be skinny, tall, wear certain clothes, act a certain way, and have a risqué appetite for sex. (The same is true for the opposite sex as well, but this post is written specifically with…

Breaking the Ice in Communication “Cold-Snaps”

In my last post, I discussed 5 habits for building rock-solid communication in your marriage. What I wrote was based on personal experience and scripture, but they’re all proactive measures for communicating more effectively. What do we do when we’re already IN a frustrating moment/season and we don’t know how to break loose? How can we break the ice and let our guard down when everything inside of…

The Amazing Joys of Marriage

A few months ago, Selena and I got to meet one of our heroes in person: Gary Thomas. We were walking into the dining room of a retreat center when we saw Gary and Lisa approaching. Before I could awkwardly introduce myself, he warmly and enthusiastically greeted me: “Hey Ryan!”, he said. I couldn’t believe it. “He knows who we are?” I thought. (In hindsight, it…

3 Reasons You [Probably] Avoid Church and Why to Go Anyway

If you’re reading this, there’s a great chance that you identify with being called a Christian. However, that’s about where the assumptions stop. You might be married, you might read your Bible, and you probably (statistically) don’t gather weekly with other believers in your area. Life is busy and church attendance tends to get placed on the chopping block. Given our culture’s adversity to ‘organized religion’ and…

No Backup Plan, No Regrets

There’s profound joy in the mutual and reckless pursuit of each other in marriage. Marriage requires a fierce tenacity that never gives up and never gives in. What does this reckless pursuit actually look like in marriage? What enables it within every complex issue and circumstance you will face? To start, look at Christ’s example. He pursues you without fail. It’s his steady pursuit that…