January 16, 2024

Why Questions Matter, Why God Asks, and G.K. Chesterton

ONE Thought (from us)

God asked questions, but why? It certainly wasn’t because He was curious or didn’t know the answer. He asked questions of His people to draw them closer to Him. In a similar way, learning to ask good questions is a means by which you can grow closer to your spouse in marriage.

Questions asked well accomplish these things (and more):

  1. Growing in knowledge of one another (early stages, and continuing)
  2. Gaining understanding and reconciliation during conflict
  3. Caring for and comforting one another
  4. Helping one another process life/faith
  5. Having fun and having interesting conversations
  6. Continued growth and closeness (you’re not the same person you were two years ago, for example)

So often, couples never get past the first two layers of inquiry: facts and thoughts. There is much depth to be had by those to venture into asking questions that reveal reactions (emotions) and beliefs. Keep asking questions, and do so knowing that you have a God who gave you the ability to ask and communicate as one made in His image.

For a detailed discussion of this topic, be sure to watch or listen to get the full discussion!

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But the Lord God called to the man
and said to him, “Where are you?””

(Genesis 3:9)

ONE Quote (from another)

“To love means loving the unlovable. To forgive means pardoning the unpardonable. Faith means believing the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless.”
—G.K. Chesterton

ONE Question (for you)

What practical steps can you take today to begin asking better questions?

Also, here are some fun questions that might get the conversational juices flowing.

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Much love and stay fierce!

Ryan & Selena Frederick
Founders of Fierce Marriage