Should Your Spouse Really Be Your Friend?

Hot take: Calling your spouse your best friend is a demotion compared to calling them your husband/wife. Tune into this episode to learn how to see friendship rightly in marriage. Watch, or Listen Below!

Spicy Hot Takes and Relationship Advice

This is a fun one! This episode is packed with lots of biblical truths that we as Christians need to hold tight to, and also some spicy hot takes. We hope you enjoy it! 🔥 Watch, or Listen Below! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Secret Weapon #2: Laughter!

Laughter truly is medicine and it is one of the best ways to build friendship within your marriage. Today we’re talking about ways to incorporate more laughter into your marriage and of course, laughing along the way. Watch, or Listen Below! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

The Immeasurable Importance of Friendship and Fun

Friendship always adds vitality and fun to your marriage. In this episode, we talked about what the Bible has to say about fun and looked at how that reality can transform our friendship. Enjoy… and have fun! Watch, or Listen Below! Listen here Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Truly Enjoying Your Spouse (Joy, 2 of 4)

You love your spouse, but do you *like* them? It was affection that brought you together, but what should you do when affection fades and marriage begins to lack joy? In today’s episode we talked about truly enjoying each other by looking at three ingredients necessary for a joy-filled relationship.   Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Lowering the Walls Around Our Mess and Inviting Others In

Healthy boundaries in marriage can look like a lot of different things— establishing regular date night rhythms, using accountability software, saying “no” to extended family, etc.  But sometimes in marriage, the best thing we can do is lower the walls around our mess and invite others in.  Christian community is a means of grace to you Five years ago— in the weeks and months after…

Are Opposite-Sex Friendships Appropriate?

Many find themselves in one of two camps on this topic: “Avoid opposite-sex friends like the plague!” or “Don’t be a prude!” We think there’s a third way—one that’s biblical and wise. In this episode, Ryan and Selena discuss this controversial topic while sharing their own experiences and biblical understanding of how we “can have the wisdom to know and enjoy the blessing of friendship…

Laugh More!

Laughing is one of the best ways to break your marriage out of a funk. Could it be that laughter is a gift and a grace of God designed specifically to lift our hearts and clear the air in our relationships? In this week’s episode we answered three questions about laughter and talked through various examples in Scripture where laughter, playfulness, and childlike faith. We…

4 Talks to Help Cultivate a See-Through Marriage

We recently did a mini-series for our new book See-Through Marriage, where we focused on 4 main topics in the book that cover ways to cultivate a transparent marriage. Here, we have compiled all 4 episodes together in one place. We hope these episodes bless you and your marriage! You can purchase See-Through Marriage wherever books are sold. Sex: See-Through Marriage (1 of 4) In part…

Dealing with Toxic People (Gary Thomas)

Today we got to talk with our friend Gary Thomas about his latest book When to Walk Away: Finding Freedom from Toxic People. When and where do believers draw the line when people are toxic and draining?   For more information, visit!