Are Opposite-Sex Friendships Appropriate?

Many find themselves in one of two camps on this topic: “Avoid opposite-sex friends like the plague!” or “Don’t be a prude!” We think there’s a third way—one that’s biblical and wise. In this episode, Ryan and Selena discuss this controversial topic while sharing their own experiences and biblical understanding of how we “can have the wisdom to know and enjoy the blessing of friendship…

Laugh More!

Laughing is one of the best ways to break your marriage out of a funk. Could it be that laughter is a gift and a grace of God designed specifically to lift our hearts and clear the air in our relationships? In this week’s episode we answered three questions about laughter and talked through various examples in Scripture where laughter, playfulness, and childlike faith. We…

4 Talks to Help Cultivate a See-Through Marriage

We recently did a mini-series for our new book See-Through Marriage, where we focused on 4 main topics in the book that cover ways to cultivate a transparent marriage. Here, we have compiled all 4 episodes together in one place. We hope these episodes bless you and your marriage! You can purchase See-Through Marriage wherever books are sold. Sex: See-Through Marriage (1 of 4) In part…

Dealing with Toxic People (Gary Thomas)

Today we got to talk with our friend Gary Thomas about his latest book When to Walk Away: Finding Freedom from Toxic People. When and where do believers draw the line when people are toxic and draining?   For more information, visit!

Friends: See-Through Marriage (Part 4/4)

This is part 4 of a 4 part series that covers ways to cultivate a transparent marriage. Each episode in this series is based on a topic covered in our latest book, See-Through Marriage ( In this episode we talked about defining and nurturing truly Christian friendships for the health of your marriage.

I Love You… I Just Don’t LIKE You Right Now

If you’d rather be at work than at home, then you may not LIKE your spouse… or, if you’d prefer to spend time with others over your spouse, then you may not LIKE each other as much as you realized. The examples go on! This problem is not uncommon among otherwise happily married couples. What’s uncommon, however, is when couples know how to get back…

Finding ‘Fierce’ Friends That Fight for Your Marriage

There are certain aspects of friendships that qualify them as distinctly “Christian community”, specifically purposed for our sanctification and discipleship as followers of Christ. What do we mean? You’ll have to listen! You can expect to learn about 5 distinguishing qualities of Christian community: Gospel centrality, true transparency, deep discipleship, consistency, and commitment.

Enduring Friendship, Enduring Marriage

Your friendship is one of the pillars of your marriage. But could it be that our view of friendship (in modern culture) could be having negative effects on our view of the marital covenant? In this week’s episode, we discuss what the Bible teaches and shows us about marriage and contrast what we learn against the prevalent view in culture today. We enjoyed it, and…

Becoming a “Family Team” (Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke)

Family is the first and most important institution created by God, yet we often live by default instead of by design. In today’s episode, we spoke with Jeff and Alyssa Bethke about their passion for Family Teams, what that term means, and how to celebrate the importance of being a family through rhythms of rest and celebration.