Know Your Soil

In this episode we discussed gardening (of all things) and how “knowing our soil” in marriage is critical to loving each other in the fullest context of covenantal love.

Expectations are Everything

Expectations are constantly at work in every marriage. The question is whether or not we’re aware of them and in agreement on what they should be. In this episode we posed dozens of questions for listener consideration about expectations in sex, money, communication, in-laws, hobbies, divisions of chores/labor, church, and more.   While this episode will be particularly helpful for our nearly- and newlywed listeners,…

Are Your Hearts Hard or Soft?

Soft hearts are necessary for a healthy, thriving, happy marriage. But our tendency is not to remain soft toward each other. Bad days happen, tiredness, sin, crisis, arguments, and more can contribute to each of the three indicators of whether or not your hearts are soft toward one another. We also discussed four efforts you can employ today to help soften your hearts if you…

How to Change Your Spouse

If you could change one thing about your spouse, what would it be? Life would be so much easier if we could just change our spouse, right? The problem is, God never called husbands and wives to change each other… heart change is God’s domain alone. So, what can we do when we’re living in a relationship where we’re unequally yoked and change is needed,…

How Do We Begin Walking with God as a Couple?

A listener wrote in with a great question. She mentioned that they know they need to grow in their marriage, they want to experience deeper levels of intimacy, and they know they need to center their home on Christ… but then she asked, where do we start? “Do we just pick up our Bible and read?” In this episode, we talked about three big areas…

Loving Your Spouse with Your Mind

So much of the marriage battlefield happens in your own mind. As believers, we’re called to be transformed by the RENEWING of our minds. How does work itself out in terms of how we think about our spouse in marriage? Listen in as we talk through the hope we have in God’s Word, our fleshly tendencies, how we have agency over our own minds, and…

10 Ways to De-Escalate BIG Arguments

It’s tough to think straight when you and your spouse are in a heated argument. That’s why it’s helpful to have tangible tools already in-hand before the fight begins. Today we talked through James 1 and covered 10 intensely tangible ways to de-escalate big arguments in your marriage. Enjoy!

Faith, Fear, and Marriage

We tend to be caught on our heels in marriage, reacting to each other instead of loving, seeing, and serving each other in ways that are faith-filled. In today’s conversation, we discussed three tangible enemies of faith and how they can be a factor in every marriage.

Embracing New Rhythms and Routines for Life at Home

Virtually everyone around the world is quarantined because of COVID-19. It’s a shocking, fast change, for sure! However, it’s also also an opportunity to press into new rhythms and routines that will bring us closer together as a couple, as a family, and as parents. In this episodes we’ll share some of our habits and rhythms we’ve found as people who have worked at home…

Making BIG Decisions As One

How are we called to make BIG decisions as a couple? In this episode, learn 7 steps of decision making and gain practical tools for working through decisions of your own. Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes