How Do I Pray With My Spouse? (Part 2)

This topic is the result of many readers asking us the question “How do I pray with my spouse?” In the last post, I covered the “why and when” of praying with your spouse. Now I hope to get a bit more practical and discuss the “how”. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read the previous post so you can have the full…

Fighting for Peace in Your Marriage

Peace is more than the absence of conflict—so much more. The Bible’s definition of peace is all-encompassing, and has very little to do with outside circumstances. In this episode, Ryan & Selena talk through peace as a fruit of the Spirit, made available to us through the Prince of Peace himself, Jesus! We hope it blesses you. Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Faked Transparency vs. True Vulnerability

It’s so easy to feign transparency in marriage. We can give just enough info to give the appearance of vulnerability, all the while failing to be meaningfully vulnerable with one another. In this episode, we talked about the roots of why we “fake it” in marriage, and how the Gospel compels us to fight instead for true vulnerability. Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Reclaiming Real Romance

It’s easy to forget to pursue each other when you’ve been together for a while. Life gets busy, time gets scarce, and before we know it, we’ve forgotten to intentionally love one another. This week we discussed tangible ways to enjoy each other more in marriage. Enjoy! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Who Is the Authority in Your Marriage?

When it comes down to it, what or who is the functional authority in your marriage? In today’s episode we take a deep dive into Matthew 21 and examining what Jesus said as his authority was challenged… and of course, we’ll talk about all it means for life and marriage. We hope it blesses you! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Are You Obviously Married in Public?

People know you’re married by how you act, and we can sometimes act in a way that seeks validation from the opposite sex outside of marriage. Why is that? In this episode, we talk about why there should be NO QUESTION of whether or not you’re married in public (and online). Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

What, Exactly, is a “Normal, Healthy Marriage”?

“Healthy” isn’t always our normal or our default. So it begs the question: what is a healthy, normal marriage? In today’s episode, Ryan and Selena explored big truths given in Scripture and talk about how, as believers, we can apply it with wisdom, discernment, and help from the Holy Spirit, for our good and for God’s glory. Listen below!

Growing Together While Apart / Military Deployments

Brooks and Hunter (she’s the founder of the Journeywomen podcast!) have spent the majority of their time as a married couple apart. Still, even with their time apart, they learned ways to grow closer to one another and closer to Christ. If you or your spouse are serving in the military, this episode is for you. Or, if you know someone who struggles with long…

The Wonder of Family Worship

Few ideas have changed the culture of our family as much as Family Worship. In this episode, we discussed where the idea of Family Worship comes from (biblically, historically) and talked about practical ways to implement it in your household. Enjoy! Here’s the book we mentioned: Family Worship, by Donald S. Whitney. By it here ($7.99)

Are Your Words Off-Limits, Unhelpful, or Wise?

Is it me or is marriage is just another word for “endlessly learning to communicate”? Agreed, there is so much more to marriage than communication, but how many marital issues would be erased or solved if we just learned to communicate healthier? As a husband and wife team, it’s important to establish healthy communication ground rules.