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Social Media and Marriage: Using Wisdom on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If left unchecked, your social media life can create problems in your marriage. The advent of social media sites has created much conversation about the privacy of users’ information. The result: each has increased user control over who can see each update, image, interaction, and like. In general, it’s a great improvement but for married couples, it raises an important question of transparency and accountability about your “social media life”.

In today’s podcast, we discuss Proverbs 4 and its various implications for how we wisely conduct ourselves online for the good of our marriages. Listen below!

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Show Notes:

Communication: Five Habits for Hearing and Being Heard

  1. Highs/Lows
  2. Discussion: What should I do when I feel like my spouse misuses social media (namely, Facebook)?
    • We reviewed Proverbs 4:23: “Keep your heart with all diligence…”
    • Solomon wrote it. He had access to anything he wanted… instantly. Kind of like we do on the internet today.
    • We looked at the larger context of Proverbs 4.
      • Hear wisdom, keep it close, and “here’s how to apply it”
    • How do we apply wisdom to social media?
      • “Open windows, open doors, lights fully turned on.”
      • No hidden accounts or passwords.
      • Be transparent with each other.
      • Talk about questionable interactions.
      • Being very mindful of posted imagery (by you and others).
      • Don’t PM/DM/Message anyone of the opposite gender (unless in a group context)
      • Don’t vent anger or frustration on social media at the expense of your spouse; it’s always unproductive.
    • Bottom line: Wisdom compels us to guard our hearts against paths that lead to harm.
  3. Couple’s Challenge (see below)
  4. We discussed The 31-Day Pursuit
  5. Rapid Fire Q&A
  6. Weekly Letter Reading

Today’s Couples Challenge:

  • Discuss this podcast (both listen to it)
  • Read through Proverbs 4 together and find one or two verses that jump out to you.
  • Take a personal inventory for hidden areas in your life/marriage that go against wisdom.
  • Make a plan to discuss hidden areas before they take root.
  • Create a plan for healthy interaction with others and each other on social media.

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  • Thomas Kreh

    This is a great topic, one that I failed to realize after my marriage of 14 years ended sadly after I couldn’t figure allot of these points out. Sadly, I was very hard-headed and battling different psychological problems. I am learning these points and putting them to use even knowing I may never get the chance to prove and show them to her. God knows my heart and sees me through the very difficult days without her.

    Thanks for starting these podcasts and thank you for the 31 days challenge book. I have enjoyed reading it even though it’s one-sided for me. Maybe though I’ll have the opportunity to apply your material to the one I love the most. Thank you Ryan and Selena, God bless.

  • Ryan Bragge

    Hey guys, a big ‘hi’ and ‘thank you’ from South Africa. My wife sent me the odd blog article now and again, but not being much of a blogger, I didn’t develop much traction. However, since the podcasts have been running, you guys are part of my weekly diet. Just a suggestion as an alternative to ‘Rapid-fire Q&A’; how about ‘Getting to know you’? Just a thought. Use it, don’t use it…
    You guys are doing a great job! I particularly love the dynamic of the podcast (and blog) being carried by both of you together. It’s not that easy to find blogs or podcasts aimed at husbands. How much better when its aimed at the couple.
    You guys are doing a significant work.