Are Prenuptial Agreements Biblical?

Whether you’re a newly engaged couple considering prenups, or perhaps you are married and currently have a prenuptial agreement, join us today as we unpack what the Bible has to say about it. Watch, or Listen Below! Listen here Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Longing for Love That Lasts: 3 Core Principles of Godly Dating

Relationships are complicated, aren’t they? As a single girl navigating the murky waters of dating, I’ve found myself crying on my bed more than once over the years, asking, “Why is this so hard?” From a breakup that shattered my heart, to getting ghosted by a guy I admired, to the daily decision of seeking God for contentment and joy in the midst of singleness—…

5 Important Considerations When Dating To Marry

Dating is a funny thing. It’s not overtly discussed in scripture, and those living somewhere between single and married often ask us for advice. So, I figured it was time to write a post specifically for those who are in serious dating relationships, or want to learn principles for dating when they meet that special someone.

Burn the Ships!

Marriage is designed to be a covenantal relationship that far exceeds any other relational construct. It’s immensely important and incredibly beautiful as God designed it. In this episode we talked about the bigness and depth of what it means to live in a covenantal marriage.

Becoming a “Family Team” (Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke)

Family is the first and most important institution created by God, yet we often live by default instead of by design. In today’s episode, we spoke with Jeff and Alyssa Bethke about their passion for Family Teams, what that term means, and how to celebrate the importance of being a family through rhythms of rest and celebration.

Navigating the Early Years of Marriage (Jeremy and Audrey Roloff)

Jeremy and Audrey met during a very unique situation. More than 2.3 million people watched as Jeremy and Audrey Roloff shared their vows and committed their lives to each other on TLC’s hit show Little People, Big World. Listen in as we talked with them about their first five years of marriage and how they learned that true love is something you choose to live out each…

Common Lies We Believe About Marriage (and Truths to Dispel Them)

Sometimes marriage is challenging because of a lie we’re believing on some level. For instance, if we believe (deep down) that there’s only one ‘right’ person to marry and we’re in a tough season, we may begin doubting our entire marriage. Another common lie is, “What I do on my own time won’t affect my marriage.” It definitely does. We discussed these lies and more…