Podcast: Live Q&A #2 (Uncut and Unfiltered)

Ryan and Selena answer questions from readers around the world! Uncut, unedited, and unfiltered… for better or worse (a little like marriage!) Fierce Marriage (the book) is available for pre-order at https://fiercemarriagebook.com. Go there to learn more!

Quit Trying So Hard

It feels wrong to start this blog post with advice to “quit trying so hard”. Since the beginning, this blog has been about encouraging couples to fight fiercely for their marriages—to never give up and to never give in. I still believe the latter, but I think it needs clarification. Why clarify when encouraging couples to fight for their marriages seems so obviously good? Clarity is…

Their Story: Dealing with Hardship When All Hope Seems Lost

My friend has a story that may change your life forever. About 6 months ago I asked Nathan and his wife, Anna, to consider writing this guest blog post. I did so knowing that their story, while incredibly difficult, needed to be told. Why? Primarily, to show God’s grace and faithfulness, even amidst suffering. But also to help others who may be facing, or will face,…

Her Story: God’s Redemption After My Abortion

The videos released about Planned Parenthood on social media are disturbing for reasons we are all aware of. Ryan and I have been praying (a lot) about how to respond to you; the readers, our FM community…on a marriage blog. We’ve questioned if should respond on social media or would we be adding to the noise? However, as Christians, Ryan and I can’t be silent, because in the…

Sean Lowe: Faith, Fighting Fiercely and His First Year of Marriage

Ryan and I had the privilege of sitting down with last season’s The Bachelor, Sean Lowe, to talk about his first year of marriage to the lovely Catherine (Guidici) Lowe (who had a prior commitment). We asked him some pretty pointed questions about his faith in Jesus, how he fights fiercely for Catherine in their marriage, and how they navigate being normal newlyweds despite their not-so-normal dating relationship.