Social Media and Marriage: Using Wisdom on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If left unchecked, your social media life can create problems in your marriage. The advent of social media sites has created much conversation about the privacy of users’ information. The result: each has increased user control over who can see each update, image, interaction, and like. In general, it’s a great improvement but for married couples, it raises an important question of transparency and accountability…

3 Proverbs That Are Rocking Our Marriage (Part 2)

So… I’ve been plowing through the book of proverbs recently and as the title indicates, it’s been rocking our faces off. This post is the second of a two-part series, so you may want to start by reading the first post if you haven’t already (in fact, I highly recommend it). As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m seeing themes develop throughout the book…

Young couple: if we could have coffee together, here’s the one thing I’d tell you

Someone asked me the other day, “If you could have coffee with every young couple who reads your blog, what would you say to them?” The question caught me off guard and I didn’t know how to answer them right away. After a few days of hashing through quick responses, I kept coming up short. I even asked our Facebook family what they’d say (below); the comments are awesome, but…

How Our Friendships Affect Our Marriage

All too often I’m guilty of allowing ungodly friendships to have a “say” in my marriage. I’m not saying we’re suppose to shun all of our married unbeliever friends and never hangout with them. What I am saying is that having filters on who we let have a voice in our marriage is a way of fighting fiercely for it.

The “Phone Drop Test” Every Couple Should Consider

You can tell a person’s character by how they use their smartphone. It’s a veritable thermometer for the health of your integrity. What would happen if you immediately dropped your phone (unlocked) and your spouse picked it up? What thoughts go through your mind? What would your husband/wife discover?

4 Surprising Facets of Transparency in Marriage

When we talk about transparency, the response is nearly unanimous: it’s a vital part of marriage and relationships. You really can’t build a meaningful bond with your spouse if you’re hiding part of yourself. But most often, hiding is our first instinct.

Slivers, Secrets, and Shame: Why Transparency in Marriage is an Absolute Must

Selena and I have had our secrets. We’ve hidden things from each other in our marriage, both purposefully and passively. We’ve masked poor financial choices, hidden sexual addiction, and “failed to mention” costly mistakes. It wasn’t until relatively recently that we discovered the power of transparency in our marriage.

Flat Tire Integrity

I had a long, eloquent blog post ready about how and why we need to be wives of integrity…and then I got a flat tire this morning. 

6 Reasons Men Should Watch Where They Look

Men like to look at pretty ladies. Groundbreaking discovery, I know… For a Christian guy – i.e., a man who follows Christ wholeheartedly and seeks to live with integrity as a result – this desire presents problems. When a pretty lady passes us on the sidewalk, something inside drives us to look – once, twice, even thrice, or more. This looking “twice, thrice, or more” is cause for concern. It seems harmless (you’re…