Let’s Talk About Modesty

Much can be said about modesty, but it’s taboo to do so in our modern era. Still, what does the Bible say about modesty for women? And before you comment, don’t worry: we’ll talk about the men next week.

Are You a Gaslighter?

Gaslighting: one of those things we know we should know about but are too afraid to ask. In this episode, we explore various ways gaslighting works in marriage and ways to run the other way!

What is a woman… by design??

Today we ventured into the minefield of gender and its relevance to marriage and parenting. We discussed the wonder of the beauty of being made in God’s image, by his design. This is a super exclusive and special collab between Fierce Marriage AND Fierce Parenting… (kidding, sort of). We hope it blesses you!

Shame and Regret After an Affair

Shame, regret, pain, guilt. All of which are felt in the wake of an affair. But is there hope for healing and getting past the shame? Thankfully, there is!

One is a Talker, the Other is Not

Many couples face communication challenges because one is a talker and the other is not. In this episode, we walked through some ideas to help bridge the connection void if that’s you. Enjoy!

What if I Married an Unbeliever?

One of the toughest questions we get: What if my spouse doesn’t believe in Jesus? What can I do? Well, today we discuss just that.

The Immeasurable Importance of Friendship and Fun

Friendship always adds vitality and fun to your marriage. In this episode, we talked about what the Bible has to say about fun and looked at how that reality can transform our friendship. Enjoy… and have fun! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes