Rebuilding Trust After a Betrayal

Being betrayed by the one you love is one of the worst feelings imaginable. How can a couple find reconciliation and healing after trust is shattered. It’s not easy and it requires both spouses to work hard, but there is hope. In today’s episode we discussed stories in betrayal in the Bible—namely how we’ve betrayed God in sin—and what they can show us about finding…

Manipulation in Marriage

As we discovered, there is a vast array of manipulation methods at play in human relationships. The question is, which ones are you unwittingly using against each other in your marriage? Rationalization, minimization, lying (by omission and commission), shaming, vilifying, seduction, and many other methods might be at work in ways you’re unaware. In this episode, we explored what the Bible says about manipulation (as…

Know Your Soil

In this episode we discussed gardening (of all things) and how “knowing our soil” in marriage is critical to loving each other in the fullest context of covenantal love.

Laugh More!

Laughing is one of the best ways to break your marriage out of a funk. Could it be that laughter is a gift and a grace of God designed specifically to lift our hearts and clear the air in our relationships? In this week’s episode we answered three questions about laughter and talked through various examples in Scripture where laughter, playfulness, and childlike faith. We…

Having Political Disagreements as a Couple

With everything going on in society, we thought it would be timely to discuss ways to have productive political conversations as a couple. While we didn’t cover the hot-topics themselves, hopefully this episode will help you and your spouse “come to the table” and hash out tough political disagreements. We discussed the four big presuppositions to every conversation, the cultural lies they dispel, and how…

How to Change Your Spouse

If you could change one thing about your spouse, what would it be? Life would be so much easier if we could just change our spouse, right? The problem is, God never called husbands and wives to change each other… heart change is God’s domain alone. So, what can we do when we’re living in a relationship where we’re unequally yoked and change is needed,…

How Do We Begin Walking with God as a Couple?

A listener wrote in with a great question. She mentioned that they know they need to grow in their marriage, they want to experience deeper levels of intimacy, and they know they need to center their home on Christ… but then she asked, where do we start? “Do we just pick up our Bible and read?” In this episode, we talked about three big areas…

Friends: See-Through Marriage (Part 4/4)

This is part 4 of a 4 part series that covers ways to cultivate a transparent marriage. Each episode in this series is based on a topic covered in our latest book, See-Through Marriage ( In this episode we talked about defining and nurturing truly Christian friendships for the health of your marriage.

Sex: See-Through Marriage (Part 1/4)

This is part 1 of a 4 part series that covers ways to cultivate a transparent marriage. We discussed “little foxes” as mentioned in Song of Solomon. Each episode in this series is based on a topic covered in our latest book, See-Through Marriage ( Make sure to pre-order to get the free discussion guide and audiobook! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

Faith, Fear, and Marriage

We tend to be caught on our heels in marriage, reacting to each other instead of loving, seeing, and serving each other in ways that are faith-filled. In today’s conversation, we discussed three tangible enemies of faith and how they can be a factor in every marriage.