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A Fierce Family Update!

I told Selena I was going to write an update on the blog and she immediately called me out (she’s awesome like that). The thing is, I’m not usually a fan of what I call “meta” posts… or, talking about what you’re talking about.

We’re here—Fierce Marriage exists—to connect lines from the gospel to everyday issues in marriage. I’d prefer to keep doing that over talking about the nuts and bolts of our lives or what we’re doing to make it happen. It’s just a personal preference… but I may evolve as some exciting things unfold in the coming months.

Today I’m going ‘meta’ for a few reasons… so if you’re looking for an update on Fierce Marriage and/or the Frederick family, this post is for you!

1st: Accountability

As I told Selena when I was justifying this post, we’re bloggers who haven’t blogged! That’s not a good thing… except this time it kind of is (see below).

Regardless, I do apologize to you—our reader—for not creating any new blog content last month. It’s funny, but we feel gladly accountable to the online Fierce Marriage community. Not beholden, but accountable. We want to steward your time and attention well. We want to steward our relationship with you well, but we’ve been silent.

However, it’s for good reason! We do have excuses… thus, the update.

2nd: Writing, writing, and more writing

We’ve been quiet here on the blog, but we have been writing! A lot.

We’ll definitely share more about that later. In the meantime, make sure to sign up for our email list to get the latest news as soon as it’s available. We’re pouring our hearts into some very special projects, and our email list members always get the best deals and latest updates.

3rd: Priorities

Any parents out there ever dealt with croup? It’s the worst. Both of our daughters caught it last month and I’m pretty sure I caught whatever the adult version is.

Sleep has been in short supply and on top of that, being sick killed whatever energy I had left.

We’ve had to work less to take care of the girls. I’d rather have a less-than-current blog and a family that feels my presence than hustle online while not loving my family well. Make sense?

4th: Summer prep

Finally, we’ve been settling into our home and making some improvements for the summer. We live in Western Washington State, where sunshine is rare. We get about 3-4 months of awesome weather every year, and this year we hope to make the most of it!

To do that, I built a fire pit in our back yard! We love it already… and I even commemorated our maiden fire with a short video on Facebook.

This weekend we had our first fire of the summer and the maiden voyage for our new fire pit… ??

Cheers to a fun filled summer for you and yours!

Posted by Ryan Frederick on Sunday, May 21, 2017

We also bought a small camper/trailer that I’ve been fixing up. Fun times! We’ll probably post some camping videos at some point this summer.

If your family camps often or you own a trailer, we’re total noobs! (We’ve tent camped quite a bit, but never with a trailer.) Any advice you can provide is very welcome and much needed!


That’s it! Just in case you were wondering. Thanks for being a part of the FM community and fighting daily to keep Christ at the center of your marriage. We’re honored to have your readership!

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming… :)

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