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Fight for Unity, Fight for Your Marriage

Your marriage is a union forged by God! He has sealed your covenant and joined you as one. Let not anyone separate what God brought together. Fight for unity!

Fighting for unity means protecting yourselves from division and divisive people. This is especially true if you’re going through a hard time.

Always remember: you can still be unified during a disagreement.

Selena and I recently went through a rough patch (months long)—we felt like we were constantly arguing, unhappy, and anxious. We struggled to figure out what the issue was, and to be honest.. we still don’t know. However, our times of disagreement never trumped our unity. We could both fight FOR each other through the disagreements because we knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were unified in our goal: closeness and reconciliation… and longevity. Neither of us thought twice about sticking together.

Our unity has been forged through the years—how can a short season of disagreement destroy all that God has built in that time? I’m happy to say we’re on the other side of it now (whew!), and it feels incredible. We’re more unified than ever.

Fight for your unity, fight for your marriage, and fight for what God has joined together.

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  • Jessica Diaz

    Just wanted to say thanks for this. It is so hard sometimes going through the rough patches and talking to other ladies who only see my side and what my spouse needs to change. Even when I am totally transparent with them about my issues, most usually gravitate to the man needing to change. Looking for those people that will encourage us to stick it out is so hard even in our church. Your ministry is so awesome.

  • John Percy

    So what do you do if the disagreement is about sex? Where one of thinks it should be an important part of marriage, frequent, varied, fun, and the other thinks 2-3 times a years should be “more” than enough? How can you stay unified with such a massive wall between us?