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From Palms to Pine Trees: Life Lessons and Transitions

As you most of you probably know, Ryan, Dela and I are in the middle of a major life transition.

And to be honest, the transition is much harder than I anticipated. Suddenly all the little things that frustrated me about our little place in the desert are nonexistent, and I actually miss it. (Ok, maybe not the 108+ degrees). Funny how that happens.

Being back “home” in Washington has its ups and downs…house-sitting and having 4 dogs + a 6.5 month old to look after means some crazy moments of double checking my sanity tank to make sure it’s still got something in it.

Reality Check

Packing our boxes, it seemed surreal.Marriage is one of life's grandest adventures.

Like most transitions tend to feel. I knew in my mind what we were doing and why, and I thought I’m ok, I got this. We’re moving back to our home state, with family and friends whom we have known forever. We’ve got great things on the horizon – we are in a good spot.

Four days into being here and I was ready to get back on the road and head south. Being displaced with one-third of your stuff out in your parent’s garage while the other half is in the truck and the other third is upstairs (I think?) is tough as a wife and new mom who depends on predictability and consistency.

My Standards and Jesus

God had a different plan and it’s amazing how much you lean into Him when all your little comforts/securities are gone.

This is something I’ve always known in my mind, but when you’re in the middle of experiencing it, you suddenly feel stunned.

Honestly, in those moments, I started going through my mental-spiritual checklist of reading my bible, praying, serving in ministry, etc.

By my standards, I thought I was walking close to Jesus.

However, he lovingly and faithfully showed me my weakness while continuing to draw me closer to his side day by day, through every frustrating moment.

Embracing my “now”

Part of my hope, is the reminder that life will not always be like this.When I have learnt to love God better than my earthly dearest, I shall love my earthly dearest better than I do now.

Baby Dela will not always be 6.5 months; we won’t have 4 dogs (EVER) again, and the relationships that we have in our lives will not be here forever.

What a lesson for marriage! We have to embrace our “now” – knowing that God is continually working and transforming our hearts to be more like Him.

Even in the hard times, learning to embrace each moment and glean from them what the Lord is teaching us, will draw us closer to Him and in turn glorify His mighty name.

Being reminded to be thankful for these moments; the tough, the great, and the messy…

Throwing our hands in the air and surrendering to God and praising Him for every breath and moment of life – truly, we are blessed!

Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities

As much of a transition this is, I also find myself excited about the opportunities in the future.

Although sometimes the overwhelming…questions like Where will we live? Should we buy a house? If so, do we want? take residence in my mind. The wife inside me wants these questions answered now, and in a way that is pleasing to me (entitlement much?)

However, after listening to Hillsong Kids (Ultimate Collection) song: Trust & Obey in the car with Dela, I was reminded that even though we are at a crossroads, where we can literally choose to do anything and live anywhere, nothing is better than simply obeying the voice of our Savior.Love forgives freely.

Thank you God for that knock upside the head.

When I go down my path of selfishness and entitlement, He is always there – lovingly calling me back, and reminding me of two powerful truths.

First, His ways are higher (Isaiah 55:9) than mine, and secondly He is watching over me as I follow him.

Needless to say, these words were water to a parched soul.

His words provided life, hope and confidence to a struggling soul. We are so blessed to have God’s Word readily available.

His Way

In our marriage we face transitions and face many crossroads. The important thing is that we are seeking Him first (Matthew 6:33) and obeying him.

Knowing that there are many things we could do for Jesus, but ultimately the answer is choosing to obey His voice and let go of some of our own desires.

Walking in obedience is not easy, but it’s Ryan and I’s challenge in this season.Marriage: Spend less time in conflict and more time in collaboration.

God continues to teach us more about who He is through the challenges we face. Ultimately we are here for His glory, and becoming more like Him is the goal so that others may see the love of Jesus in us and want to know Him.

Note to (my)self

Fighting fierce means learning to embrace each season; to seek God first (always!), be obedient to His voice, and know that He is watching over you as you trust Him.

Question: What is one challenge you are facing in your marriage today? What is Jesus teaching you through this season of trial?

Here are the lyrics and trust me, it’s not a silly kid’s song, this is worship to Our Heavenly Father.

“Trust & Obey”


Of all the things I could do for You

And all the things I could say

Nothing is better Lord

Than to simply obey


The many things that I could be for You

The many things I could pray

Jesus I’ll trust in You

And do what You say


And I follow You

Where You’re leading me

And I follow You

Where You’re leading me

And I follow You

Where You’re leading me Jesus


Jesus You’re watching over me

As I trust and obey


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