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Movie Review: The Song

Ryan and I had the privilege of viewing The Song this past week and overall, I think we would give it 4 out of 5 stars (Ryan said 4.5, I say 4 – just keepin’ it real). I was a little leery, as I am with all movies that are dubbed “Christian” but this was one of the best I’ve seen in awhile and would definitely recommend it.

A short disclaimer: we are not being paid to write this… in case anyone was wondering. We were simply asked if we wanted to preview the film and write honestly about it if we felt compelled. We did feel compelled! Reviews are so much easier when you can get behind the book/movie/etc… :)


The Song is a modern-day parallel of the rise, fall, and redemption of King Solomon, specifically dealing with the issues of love and purpose in life. The main character, Jed King, is the somewhat-jaded-but-still-ambitious son of country music legend, David King (see what they did there?). This modern day adaptation follows the meteoric rise of Jed King to stardom while he navigates the rough waters of being newly married.

This made for some good drama…

We both felt that the movie was frighteningly honest; it had Ryan and I looking at each other saying, “Yep, I’ve said that to you (or thought about saying that to you) at one point” and/or “I’ve had/still have those questions about what the Bible says about that…” It deals with real, relevant issues in an entertaining but provocative way.

We also shared comments like, “…uhm, I can’t believe they went there!”  1410484326-TheSong-MarryingYou

Don’t worry, no “Spoiler Alerts” here, but we’d definitely recommend it to married couples, engaged, and even singles (of course!). It was a pleasant surprise to see it rated PG-13, only because many “Christian” movies tend to be rated “G” and never deal with the real, gritty issues.

The Song journeys into some of the darkest corners of humanity, if for no other reason to show how God’s light can shine brightest in dark places.

The actors are noteworthy, the music ties into the drama – everything about this film is intentional and trying to convey this message about life: even though it is “meaningless” (according to Solomon in Ecclesiastes), it is ultimately good to live life, love God and just enjoy His graces. The steady arch of the film confirms that the most important thing in this life is not life itself or “gifts”, but rather it’s all about the Giver.

I personally enjoyed the script and felt like Richard Ramsey (writer/director) continually hit the nail on the head when dealing with issues within marriage, fame, and wealth. I’d encourage you to listen carefully to the dialogue as Ramsey intertwines the stories of David and Solomon. 1410484563-TS-InstagramAMan

Real and Jarring

Expect to be a little uncomfortable at times; not in terms of steamy sex scenes (ok, one spoiler alert: there aren’t any) but it is alluded to. By being uncomfortable, I mean, the dialogue that takes place between husband and wife (again, referring to the above: our comments to each other).

Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll… the movie is worth seeing as it touches on so many issues not only within marriage, but also how God loves us and His grace is unfailing no matter what mess we find ourselves stuck in.

I think Jonathan Merrit said it best in his review,

“It forces audiences to ask probing questions about life and love. It grapples with timeless, tough topics without pulling punches. But, most of all, this film reminds us that pursuing anything outside of the Source of true meaning is—as both Solomon and his modern counterpart say—’a chasing of wind.’”

It opens Friday (Sept. 26) and we highly recommend seeing it.

Get a sitter and plan a date night and make it happen! You won’t regret it. Go here to find tickets in your area.

PS… Don’t leave before the end of the credits ;-) Stay until the very end!


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