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Our First Video Blog: What Should We Talk About Next?

So, this is our first video blog post! It was actually much more fun than either of us thought it would be…

This video’s purpose is three-fold:

  1. To say ‘howdy-do‘ to our new readers (and viewers!?)
  2. To introduce FM vids for the first time
  3. To ask YOU for ideas on what to talk about!

Please post your ideas for future videos/blogs in the comments below!

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  • Jordan

    No children yet? Is this a choice or a season God has you in? What advice can you give to other couples in this same season?

    • Great question, Jordan! Yes, yes, and yes… :) While it definitely warrants a full post, I will say that since we married young we weren’t too crazy about becoming equally young parents – so we planned for kids later. Kids are an exciting part of our future (we hope), but we’re believing God for his best timing in it all. Great idea for a post, and we’ll definitely mark it down for deeper discussion in the near future!

  • stella trout

    I am so excited to see where this goes..while watching this I felt the spirit of God and know you are going to help so many marriages….this is my goal as well- i work mainly on women though. I have a weekly study on how to become a virtuous wife. This something I can send my wives to and it incorporates the husband!!! wow! I am so thankful there are more people who believe marriage isn’t disposable!!
    stella trout

  • b.

    How do you talk about hard things where you are sure feelings will be hurt?