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6 Ways to Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Affairs take two common forms: emotional and sexual. In either case, by the time an actual affair materializes, there have been latent and unaddressed problems for a long time. “Affair proofing”, if we can call it that, includes proactively building systems and rhythms into your marriage that will make it much less likely that you’ll start down the subtle path toward an affair. Today, at…

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Fight Naked! How Fighting Well Can Help Build a Stronger Marriage

Fighting naked—both literally and figuratively—has been pivotal in helping us fight well. Yes, you can “fight well” in your marriage. Conflict, disagreements, frustrations, tension—none of this is new to marriage. That’s what today’s episode (and blog post!) is all about. Put two people in a covenant together, living in the same house for life, and conflict is inevitable. First, we’ll explore and understand what the…

Ask Us Anything

We’ll use these questions as jump-off points for fresh conversations. Anything goes. Seriously. We don’t know all the answers, but we promise to share what we do know with honesty, transparency, and a commitment to God’s Word.

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3 Steps for Creating Vision and Leading Well as a Husband

As a husband, Selena looks to me to lead our family. She desires decisive, meaningful direction in our marriage and in our lives (she’s told me this). Don’t get me wrong, she is definitely involved and vocal as we work together to craft our family vision. (Oh, how I married a strong, smart woman!) But as the husband, the buck ultimately stops with me. I’m…

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5 Ways Advent Can Transform Your Marriage

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here…again. I have this habit: every year, the day after Christmas I say to myself, “before you know it, it will be Christmas again”. Sure enough, here we are. I have to be honest, I find parts of this holiday wearing. The biggest frustration I have (and you may share it) is the consumerism of it all. Somehow we…

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Sean Lowe: Faith, Fighting Fiercely and His First Year of Marriage

Ryan and I had the privilege of sitting down with last season’s The Bachelor, Sean Lowe, to talk about his first year of marriage to the lovely Catherine (Guidici) Lowe (who had a prior commitment). We asked him some pretty pointed questions about his faith in Jesus, how he fights fiercely for Catherine in their marriage, and how they navigate being normal newlyweds despite their not-so-normal dating relationship.

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Book Review: The Best Yes (by Lysa Terkeurst)

In a recent post I shared my latest struggle in our current situation and I have to say that God has been providing me with more encouragement, hope and contentment than I have had in a long time. I know that part of that is because of the precious prayers from our FM community – how do I even begin to thank you? What a…

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How Our Friendships Affect Our Marriage

All too often I’m guilty of allowing ungodly friendships to have a “say” in my marriage. I’m not saying we’re suppose to shun all of our married unbeliever friends and never hangout with them. What I am saying is that having filters on who we let have a voice in our marriage is a way of fighting fiercely for it.