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Dealing with Financial Arguments: Why More Money Isn’t the Solution

Every couple deals with money issues at some point in their marriage. It’s continually a source of stress and a trigger for arguments. Almost every problem around money stems from a lack of margin in every area of life. We tend to live our lives right to the edges, working long hours, spending too much, and struggling to find any semblance of peace in the process. Many (including us) have bought the subtle lie that money can somehow make everything better. So we work harder, strive more, and seek joy where it can’t be found. Even if we do manage to get more money, we soon realize that it’s not the savior we thought it would be. This inevitably puts stress on your relationship and can create division in your marriage.

What’s the fix? We explored exactly that in today’s podcast. Listen in as we share honestly about some struggles we’ve had and take a deep look at Hebrews 13:5 and its surrounding context to discern God’s desire for how we view and use money in our lives.

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Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Show Notes:

  1. Highs/Lows
  2. Discussion: Money issues continue to plague couples. Why?
    1. Many think their problems can be fixed with more money… but that’s not the case.
    2. We reviewed Hebrews 13:5:
      Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
    3. The context of Hebrews: It’s a book written to encourage and remind Christians of the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ.
    4. Chapter 13 is all about “Sacrifices Pleasing to God.” This is all in the context of Christ’s sufficient work on the cross.
    5. Loving money is like “taking another lover” when God has made a covenant promise to us.
    6. Trusting money instead of God is to betray his love.
  3. Couple’s Challenge (see below)
  4. We discussed The 31-Day Pursuit
  5. Rapid Fire Q&A
  6. Weekly Letter Reading

Today’s Couples Challenge:

  • Pray together for open hearts regarding your finances.
  • Read through Hebrews 13, pay close attention to the context surrounding verse 5.
  • Discuss areas of your marriage and how they may be indicating “love of money”.
  • Discuss how love can be a tool in your lives for God’s glory.

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