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Video: Marriage Communication and Perspective on the Male Mind

This video is supposed to be a fun jab at marriage communication (or relationships in general)! Please don’t take it too seriously. I almost didn’t share it because I didn’t want our lady readers to feel belittled or that we’re making light of the “just listen” times in marriage.

With that said, I decided to share it for a few reasons:

  1. It reminds us to lighten up in heated situations
    It’s a humorous look at communication difficulties in marriage. Marriage communication challenges are almost always a matter of perspective. It’s very helpful if we can use an analogy or illustration to shed light on different perspectives.
  2. Insight for wives into the minds of their husbands
    It’s overly general to say that all guys are black and white, and always want to fix things. But the majority of people can identify with the issue dealt with in this video.

We fix because we care

Wives, we genuinely want to help you! We honestly want to “pull out the nail” or fix whatever problem is ailing you. But sometimes we feel a bit helpless or unequipped when it comes to communicating through things with you.

We will try to just be present with you when you need! If we forget that part (and we will), please try to understand that we fix because we do care. Just remind us what the situation calls for, but we need you to meet us half way sometimes.

Maybe the nail needs to be fixed?

The NailSometimes we need you to meet us half way. What if our solution does help alleviate the problem? Communication is a tricky thing – each side needs to listen intently, and articulate clearly. This goes for husbands…. and wives! If there is a “nail”, your husband may have just the tool to pull it out. Maybe a “fix” is needed?

I know this may seem jarring to say all of this – I’ve written on the “just listen” topic as well – so this post should balance things out a bit!

No matter what, communicate selflessly

No matter the scenario, the key is selfless communication. Make sure you’re speaking in love, not in frustration and anger – or any other runaway emotion. If both of you step back, listen, and speak in love, you will probably reach a connecting point and be on the path to resolution much more quickly!

My challenge to wives: let him fix it sometimes – maybe he knows what he’s doing

My challenge to husbands: you still need to be loving and discerning in your communication, even if the fix is super obvious


Disclaimer: I know that not every husband is logical, calculating, cold, and black/white in how they view the world. And conversely, not every wife is illogical and feelings oriented all the time. I’m generalizing a bit because it describes “generally” how people can relate! 

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