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Crafting a Family Vision Statement: What It Is and Why You Need One

Few things have been as impactful in our lives and marriage as our family vision. Years back when we felt aimless and flustered, we took the time to have in-depth discussions about what matters most to us: as Christians, as a family, and as a couple. The result was our family vision statement, which has helped us immensely since.

Listen to today’s episode as we talk through our family vision statement and share about how you can create your own!

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Show Notes:

A Family Vision Statement helps in three ways:

  1. Direction
  2. Discernment
  3. Unity

How can you write your own Family Vision Statement?

  1. Download the worksheet.
  2. Start with why?
    1. Your why statement is your “big reason”. It’s like a mission statement for your life.
    2. Find a verse that encapsulates how God is calling you.
  3. Discover your core values
    1. Your core values are already there, you just need to define them.
    2. This isn’t a list of ideal characteristics, but rather a list of intrinsic qualities about you, your marriage, and your family.
  4. Craft your vision
    1. Write a group of “we envision” statements that describe how your family will look and function in the years to come. Get creative!
    2. Try to write at least one envision statement for each core value you’ve discovered.

Couple’s Challenge

  1. Download the Family Vision Worksheet.
  2. Complete it together, praying along the way.

Mentioned in the show:


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Stay fierce,

Ryan and Selena

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