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Book Review: Wife After God | A 30-Day Marriage Devotional for Wives

I don’t even know how to start this review. The Wife After God devotional literally put words to my heart and I am anxious to reread it AGAIN.

In all honesty I’m a pretty harsh book critic, especially when it comes to devotionals (ask Ryan), and Wife After God is definitely NOT your ordinary morning devotional.

Anointed? Completely. Challenging? You bet. God-Breathed? Without a doubt.

Wife After God: What’s it about?

It’s obvious that Jennifer Smith (author) wrote this out of an authentic and intense experience with God. She puts it best,

“This devotional is designed to walk you through an intense journey of experiencing God, specifically tailored to one of your most important ministry roles–being a wife!”

Love it.

Who’s it for?

Every wife.

Whether you’re new to spending daily time with God, or have been for years, Jennifer provides you with how to start this 30-day transformational journey with God. Group or individual devo – Wife After God is a refreshing read that will captivate and challenge you in your relationship with God and in turn, your marriage.

Jennifer’s devo speaks equally to marriages where both husband and wife are Christians, as well as to marriages where the wife is a Christian and the husband is not. No matter where you find yourself in your marriage, this book has encouraging Godly wisdom for you.

How it works

The table of contents is mind-blowing and makes you want to skip around and read different chapters – resist the urge!  One of the beautiful aspects about this book is that each chapter can be read on it’s own, but the first time through, I would strongly encourage you to read it without skipping around to pick and choose. Each chapter is rich in scripture and Godly wisdom. Wife After God

Each Wife After God devotional beings with a Focus Verse (or few actually), then a Thought, which is about 2-3 pages of writing from Jennifer that is deeply interwoven with scripture as well as stories and examples that support the title of that day’s devo. She ends with a Prayer, a Challenge (personal), a Status Update (for Twitter; love this part), and a few Journal Questions.

Fierce wisdom

Kicking Day 1 off with God’s purpose for your marriage to reflect God’s love and to “be a living representation of His love towards man, but also to allow your marriage to teach you to be more like Him.” (Amen!)

Every word in her devotional reflects God, His Word and His love story with humanity. She brings Godly wisdom and clarification to controversial topics like submission (Day 2).

One of my favorites was Day 12: The Armor of God. Honestly, you just have to read it. Powerful Godly truth and reasoning behind each of these pieces of armor.

Talk about fierce!

I can’t recommend this devotional highly enough; it cuts to the core of marriage which starts with a daily, intimate relationship with the first lover of our souls, Jesus Christ.

Jennifer, you’re ministry is refreshing – a solid and true Godly voice in the midst of an ever-changing world. Thank you for writing this incredible devotional – I am one more life transformed for God!

Where can I purchase Wife After God?

If you’d like to purchase a copy (or a few) click HERE. 


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