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5 Ways to Fight for Your Integrity While Apart for Work (or Otherwise)

Many couples experience separation for days, weeks, or even months because of work-related travel. If you or your husband/wife travel for a corporate job or military deployment, you will face unique challenges when it comes to staying connected emotionally (and physically), as well as maintaining spouse-honoring (and God-honoring) integrity while apart.

In today’s podcast, we cover five ways to fight for personal integrity while one of you is away for work.


Focus Verse:

A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.

Proverbs 25:28

5 Ways to Fight for Your Integrity While Traveling for Work

  1. Do healthy things to stay busy (have healthy fun)
    1. Read, go to a good movie, workout.
  2. Know yourself: what tempts you and steer clear of it.
  3. Establish a solid accountability system.
    1. Your spouse
    2. Check in questions
    3. Allow trusted, respected friends to ask hard questions
    4. Software filtering if internet browsing is an issue
  4. Bring your spouse “with” you.
    1. Mention him/her intentionally in conversations with the opposite sex.
  5. Gather with brothers/sisters in Christ.
    1. Attend a church service, stay with people/acquaintances instead of staying alone)

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