Why We Chose the Name: Fierce Marriage

Well, this is our inaugural post! Selena and I have been considering starting this blog for a few months and we’ve finally gotten the nerve to give it a shot!

It’s our hope and prayer that our readers can be sharpened and encouraged to cultivate a marriage that centered around Jesus Christ. At our very core, we know that Jesus is the glue that holds marriages together, and without his involvement it is infinitely harder to thrive together.

Why “Fierce Marriage”?

In case you’re wondering why we went with the title “Fierce Marriage“, allow me to explain. In short, we believe that a thriving marriage is something worth fighting for, fiercely. Each person in the marriage needs to have a sort of fierce tenacity that never gives up and never gives in. It’s all about fierce love in action; true love that thinks and acts selflessly. If both a husband and a wife grasp this concept and put it into action by the grace of God your marriage will be amazing, we promise!

What we DO mean by it

As guys, we’re instructed to love our wives the way Christ loved the Church (Ephesians 5:25). Christ has a deep, fierce love for his church – a sacrificial and selfless love that never gives up. It’s our goal to live and love each other with that fierceness. For example:

  • Cherish your spouse and love him/her by Christ’s example
  • Never give up, never give in
  • There is no backup plan
  • Fight for each other
  • Remember your vows and follow through
    • (remember the whole “Until death do us part” thing?)

What we DON’T mean by it

The word “Fierce” isn’t intended to be negative or mean!

  • Combativeness (fighting and arguing in an unhealthy way)
  • Only by our own strength (we need Jesus to guide and help us in all efforts)

Cheers to the future

As I write this I’m sitting in a coffee shop in London and it’s the day after Christmas. It’s very cool, except Selena is just getting over the flu and I can feel the symptoms closing in on me! Despite feeling under the weather, I’m extremely excited for what we can all learn together through Fierce Marriage!

We have covered lots of ground in our 13+ years together (4 as a couple, 9 years married)! Through this website, we will openly share our experiences and trials in hopes that you can learn and grow with us.

What struggles have you had in your marriage? How did you work through them?

Also, what topics would you like to see us discuss in the future?  

Have you heard of the The 31-Day Pursuit Challenge?

Every marriage begins with passion, purpose, and pursuit, but few stay that way. That’s why we wrote Husband in Pursuit and Wife in Pursuit Together, they make what we’re calling the 31-Day Pursuit Challenge. Couples are encouraged take the challenge together. We’re already starting to hear stories of transformed marriages! Are you up for the challenge?

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