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Video: What Does 50 Years of Marriage Look Like?

So what does 50 years of marriage and friendship look like? Bill & Glad show us a glimpse. I simply had to share their story.

As Selena will attest, I’m not really a cryer. It’s not that I don’t feel, I think I’m just pretty even-keel about things. I think she can count on one hand the times she’s seen me cry…our wedding day, the death of my grandmother, and the day she told me we were having a baby.

Now watching this video can be added to the list! (To be fair, it was a light cry, but that’s a pretty big deal for us) :)

50 Years of History

Bill & GladI love Bill’s relentless admiration and dedication to his wife. His labor of loving her is a joy; Bill sees it as his chance to express a type of love for Glad that God has so readily lavished on him.

They share a literal lifetime of memories and closeness. Bill recalls everything she has done for him, and counts it a blessing to get to care for her in her time of need.

He is hopelessly yet joyfully resigned to serving her at every turn, in every task, for the rest of their lives together. The part that got me the most was when he mentions “God has loved us so unconditionally…” as his reason for loving her in that way.

Truly remarkable…

Sometimes you just feel like praying…


I thank you for Bill and Glad, and that I got to hear their story. Thank you for the unconditional love you show me, the same love Bill describes in this video. Help me to know you more intimately and understand your love more fully; and may knowing you overflow in how I love my family.

You are truly amazing. You are ultimate and powerful. You are holy and just. Thank you for loving me so fully and gracefully.

I love you too.


Question: What part of Bill and Glad’s story impacted you most?

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