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Book Review: Love Does (by Bob Goff)

If you’re looking for a Godly, encouraging and a light, easy read — pick up Love Does. If you haven’t heard of this book yet, I’m glad I can introduce you to it!

Although it’s not a marriage book – Love Does is a great read and might be just what the doctor ordered for some of us who might be at the end of our rope in more than just our marriage…

A bit about Love Does

Overall, this book was an inspiring read.

Each chapter is unique in that Bob takes you through some crazy humorous adventures as well as some extremely heartfelt moments.

Charming and engaging; you could probably read this book in a day (also makes a great book to read at night before bed) – I would highly recommend Love Does.

Whether you’re new to the faith, or have been in a relationship with Christ your entire life; Love Does brings a new perspective to God…how He loves, how He forgives, and how His hand continues to guide each of us in our own lives.

How does this book relate to marriage?

It’s all about love…something every marriage can use more of.

Chapter 28 is what inspired the post “Why your marriage needs fighting and lots of it.”

Marriage is also an adventure, much like the stories Bob shares.

He has this humble way of brightly shining God’s truth while not condemning. He encourages and challenges you to grow in your faith and in how you love.

His attitude towards his children and his wife (Sweet Maria as he refers to her) is inspiring and beautiful.

It would be a fun book to read with your spouse as the chapters are fairly short and make great topics of conversation.

Who is it for?


I’ve literally had my Young Life girls read it (it’s a pretty popular book among the YL crowd, seeing as Bob himself is a Young Lifer), I’ve heard older adults who’ve read it; Ryan and I have both read it. Bob has been through every stage of life; he is no doubt Spirit-led, and he is sort of an anomaly–in a good way.

It’s the type of book that you could probably read a few times in your life and pull a different lesson from each chapter depending on what stage of life you’re in.

Definitely a must read!

Where can I purchase Love Does? If you’d like to purchase a copy (or a few) click HERE.


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