5 Steps to a Better Relationship with Your In-Laws

We’ve officially entered the holiday season, which may mean you are spending extra time with your in-laws. In-laws can be a major part of marital strife, but they don’t have to be! Our desire is that you would find joy and grace for your in-laws and enjoy the time you spend together. Listen in to hear 5 steps to better your relationship with them! Watch,…

Boundaries and In-Laws

This is a struggle every couple understands. How do we maintain healthy boundaries with relatives, especially when those relatives (though well-meaning oftentimes) are difficult to be around? How do we graciously communicate when boundaries have been breached? And what do we do to “hold the line” when they refuse to respect healthy boundaries? In this episode we dove deep into what the Bible has to…

Dealing with Toxic People (Gary Thomas)

Today we got to talk with our friend Gary Thomas about his latest book When to Walk Away: Finding Freedom from Toxic People. When and where do believers draw the line when people are toxic and draining?   For more information, visit WhenToWalkAwayBook.com!

Marriage Adversaries vs. Marriage Advocates

While it is nice to have friends around you that will watch your back and take your side, those same friends should understand that most often, the BEST way they can love you well is to fight for you AND the health of your marriage. In this episode, we discussed the differences between marriage advocates vs. marriage adversaries. Enjoy! Read the Full Transcript Read the Shownotes

5 Principles for Healthier, Happier Relationships with In-Laws

This episode can be summarized with one word: boundaries. As a married couple bound by covenant, you are charged with upholding your commitment with diligence and wisdom. Sometimes in-laws aren’t on board with that vision, especially if they don’t understand the complete dynamics of your marriage or season in life. This can create stressful, unenjoyable relationships. In this episode, we propose 5 principles we believe to…