Our First Video Blog: What Should We Talk About Next?

So, this is our first video blog post! It was actually much more fun than either of us thought it would be… This video’s purpose is three-fold: To say ‘howdy-do‘ to our new readers (and viewers!?) To introduce FM vids for the first time To ask YOU for ideas on what to talk about! Please post your ideas for future videos/blogs in the comments below!

Compassion Through Solitude

Compassion is essential to a Godly marriage. Easy to say, harder to live out. Marriage seems to be blissful for the first year or so. About 3 years into it, you may find yourselves bickering a little bit more and if you make it to the 5 year mark, it’s said to be smoother sailing (depends on who you ask I guess). For us, we…

Together While Apart

Ryan and I LOVE to travel and due to the nature of our jobs we’ve been able to jet-set quite a bit these last 2 years. Ideally every single trip would be together, but that isn’t always possible. So how can we remain connected and together while we’re apart? I feel like this is something most couples face in our day and age. Travelling for…

Video: She almost flew away but he held on to her ever so tightly

We’re just meeting many of our readers, and we’re enjoying every minute of it. We plan on posting short video blogs over the next few weeks where we can be more transparent and accessible. We thought this first video would be a lighthearted place to start! Our best friends Jeff and Alise Marsh shot this video for us as gift, near our home in Palm…

The Power of Encouraging Your Spouse

No one can encourage me like Selena – her words, her actions, her belief, and her touch. She has the power to diffuse stress and literally give me energy. Encouragement should be a regularly practiced part of a healthy marriage – key word: practiced. Good encouragement takes trial and frequency. As a husband or a wife, it’s important to figure out what speaks loudest and…

Stuck, Stranded, and Out of Options

Jesus teaches with parables and through our experiences. Yesterday I was reflecting on an experience I had that serves as a great analogy for life and marriage. I got myself stuck and stranded beyond hope, but my rescue was within grasp the entire time…

Ministering Out of Your Marriage

Being married = inevitable challenges DAILY! One of the primary reasons we wrote this blog was to offer help to others who are also walking out this adventure called marriage. We’re not alone, and we don’t have to feel that way. God is always sharpening and growing us to become more like Him. One thing we can’t discount, as Christian married couples, is the fact…

Matters Of The Heart: Priorities and Purchasing

Glancing at any social media site today (ehm, Valentine’s Day) it’s littered with “I Love You” status updates and online gifts for you to purchase for your special someone. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely enjoy an excuse to get dressed up and go out to a nice dinner. Or get a special gift from Ryan (hope he’s reading this!)

The History of Valentine’s Day & 5 Creative Ways to Celebrate

This week, couples around the world will commemorate Valentine’s Day by giving flowers, jewelry, candy, and cards to their significant others. Around 1 Billion valentines will be mailed this year. Despite being such a popular holiday, few understand Valentine’s Day’s roots. Is it just a gimmick to drive consumerism or is there a deeper meaning behind February 14th?

Fierce Respect, Part 1: Loving Your Husband

With Valentine’s Day around the corner love is definitely in the air. As I search for ways to show Ryan how much I love him, I’m brought back to God’s Word; the ultimate guide on how to fiercely love my husband.