Follow-Up: Answering Questions About Husbands Initiating Intimacy

We’ve had several questions from viewers regarding our past two videos… which is good! We are open to dialogue and appreciate the opportunity to further this discussion. Join us as we address certain questions and concerns viewers had about husbands being the primary initiators of intimacy. Watch, or Listen Below!

Learning to Trust Again After Trust Was Lost

What does moving forward in your marriage look like after trust has been lost? In this episode, we’re addressing this very question from one of our listeners. Join us as we unpack this question and give you tangible tools to move forward. Watch, Listen Below!

110 Fun Conversation Starters to Help (or Reboot) Marital Communication

Asking questions is vital to cultivating a communication culture that is healthy, dynamic, and growing. We generated the below list (with the help of AI) to help you ask better question in the name of growing closer to one another in marriage. Feel free to use these prompts during date nights, road trips, or cozy evenings at home. So, let the conversations begin! Scroll through…