Being Pregnant and Married

The secret is out; Ryan and I are due to have a little baby girl in December and we couldn’t be happier! However, we are wrestling through being pregnant and married; and trying to strike new balances in this new season of life. Don’t worry, we’re not turning this into a “How to parent your child” blog – we are still all about marriage and…

Covering your spouse

Ever had those mornings where the chaos seems to escalate the closer you get to the door? Welcome to last Tuesday morning in the Frederick household. Every year Ryan and I take about a week off and take our time driving up the west coast to visit family and friends and to escape the blazing heat of the desert for a few weeks.

10 Ways To Pray For Your Husband

Prayer is beautiful, wonderful, sacrificial; a privilege and a blessing. Before I met Ryan, I was praying for him. Throughout our (almost) 10 years of marriage, I

Keeping the Sabbath: rest, refreshment, and recognition

Growing up, I never really studied the meaning of the Sabbath. I knew it was on Sunday’s and that it was basically a day to relax from work and have fun. It wasn’t until I was a married adult that I began to realize and discover how much we NEEDED a day of rest together. Although I wasn’t completely off in my understanding, I’ve definitely…

Willingness As a Wife

Maybe it’s a first-born child thing, or maybe it’s just me getting older, but I’ve become more aware of how unwilling I tend to be with my husband. When I was in my early 20s I’d overhear older women say something to their husband to the effect of, “Oh no! I am

Video: Marriage Communication and Perspective on the Male Mind

This video is supposed to be a fun jab at marriage communication (or relationships in general)! Please don’t take it too seriously. I almost didn’t share it because I didn’t want our lady readers to feel belittled or that we’re making light of the “just listen” times in marriage.

Battling Fear: Words of faith for marriages on the verge of death

Being¬†bedridden with an intense migraine all day Sunday was not my idea of a relaxing weekend. Attending church was not an option, so viewing a live stream was the next best thing. If you’ve ever heard Roger Archer (of Puyallup Foursquare Church) speak, he is not your typical pastor. He is a fierce bringer of the Word.

Book Review: Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Challenging, Not for the faint of heart; Buckle-up!¬†With over 1 million copies sold, Crazy Love by Francis Chan is a MUST READ. His overall theme of encountering God’s love and how it leaves you forever changed creates parallel messages that can be applied to marriage.

Unplug and Unwind; It’s Summertime!

Well, I think summer is officially HERE in Palm Desert (home for us). It’s hit the triple digit mark for heat temperatures and looks to stay that way until late September. Summer is one of my favorite seasons (not in the desert that is) – It holds a lot of memories for Ryan and I. I don’t know if it’s the transition from cold to…

How Laughter Can Be Bad for Your Health

There is a sandwich stain on our dining room wall…. I blame myself. I don’t even remember what we were talking about. Selena and I were having lunch (sandwiches) one afternoon, taking a break from our work routines; somehow our conversation escalated. It was one of those conversations that starts out innocent and before you know it you’re both on the verge of yelling. Again,…