I enjoy trees immensely. They’re beautiful, complex, and essential for life on earth. I find them interesting biologically (just ask Selena.. she’s had to endure many of my nerdy observations) and I find them revealing when we view them as an analogy for our lives with God. This morning for my devotional, I broke my current pattern of working through John and decided to do…

The Importance of God’s Word For Your Marriage (Part 2)

God’s Word is oxygen for your soul and brings life to areas that are seemingly dead in your marriage. God’s Word: What it means to me and Ryan Like the air we breathe, God’s Word has become something Ryan and I CANNOT live without. Yes, we are human and miss a few days of bible reading…AND WE NOTICE IT!

The Importance of God’s Word in Your Marriage (Part 1)

The Word of God is alive and powerful. So why does it seem like it’s always so hard to make time for? Maybe to some of us it’s challenging to read, or seemingly irrelevant for daily life – let alone relatable to marriage. You’re not alone.

You Are His Beloved

I’m reading “Life of the Beloved” by Henri Nouwen, and it’s messing with me in an incredible way. I can’t articulate fully how it’s affecting me but I wanted to share an excerpt that hit me especially hard this morning. The book is phrased as a letter to one of Henri’s friends. It has a fatherly tone where he gently encourages, challenges, and wishes for…

God’s Word > Pop Culture

We’ve all been on Pinterest and seen the marriage quotes, relationship quotes, quotes galore – you’ve probably even seen them on our Facebook page. Lately I’ve felt prompted to uncover a bit more of why we post what we post and how we are (and try to be) intentional about what’s on our site and social media platforms.¬†There are many different messages out there, especially…

Battling feelings

Everyday we are facing different battles in our faith which directly affect our marriage. Lately, to be honest, I’ve had a difficult time walking in the freedom

Conquering Mountains: For Her or For Nothing

Wives, encouraging your husband helps him more than you know. If other men are like me, we live to impress and inspire our wives. Your meaningful, intentional affirmation is like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart! Last week I summited Mt. Rainier for the second time. At the peak, there’s a steel box with a log book inside.

Your Marriage is Your Ministry

We spend lots of time trying to figure out how to be better spouses and have better marriages, but what for? Do we refine ourselves and our marriages to simply have better lives or is there some grander purpose we need to tune into? I would certainly argue the latter: we aren’t called to follow Christ simply for our own pleasure. In fact, when we…

Interview with Craig Gross, Founder of

When I picked up “Open” ¬†and read a few chapters, I quickly got that familiar feeling: this book is going to make me mad. I don’t say that because of the way Craig writes or the statements he makes, I say that because I knew this book was going to challenge me into uncomfortable action. There are books you read for fun and some you…