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20 Simple Axioms for Marriage

Sometimes the simplest epiphanies have the most profound impact. I’ve found these tiny axioms to be helpful in keeping us on point in our marriage. We’ve written a few posts that reinforce some of these (linked below), but in every case they’ve helped us keep the important things first.

I encourage you to read through this list and consider what they mean for your marriage and how you can put them into practice. Then if you feel inclined, comment with axioms you’ve found valuable in your marriage!

20 Simple Axioms for Married Couples

This list is not exhaustive – there’s much more to be said about loving each other God’s way. Also, this list isn’t in any particular order other than number 1. I just wanted to share a few thoughts I’ve jotted down over the past few months… I hope they’re as profound for you as they are for Selena and I.

  1. God first
  2. Complete transparency
  3. Fight naked
  4. Never quit
  5. Play together
  6. Laugh often
  7. More sex
  8. Say sorry
  9. Be affectionate
  10. Forgive quickly
  11. Tackle mountains
  12. Pray together
  13. Never lie
  14. Speak love
  15. Joke often
  16. Date regularly
  17. Seek understanding
  18. Touch intentionally
  19. Love faithfully
  20. Minister together
  21. Communicate constantly
  22. Seek unity
  23. Build trust
  24. Support eachother

Ok, the last 4 were bonuses… :)

Images you may find inspiring for your marriage

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I know there’s much more to be said, so please comment below!
What simple tips do you have for other married couples?

Photo credit: Jeff Marsh

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