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July 5, 2015

Hi, we’re Ryan and Selena Frederick.

Ryan & Selena, authors and curators of Fierce Marriage

Fierce Marriage is our blog devoted to helping couples build better marriages. We believe that building a Christ-centered marriage requires a fierce tenacity that never gives up and never gives in; there is no Plan B. When we vowed “Till death do us part”, we meant it!

Here we hope you find lots of useful advice that can help your marriage! We encourage you to join our mailing list, find us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and please share your thoughts by commenting on posts.  – Ryan & Selena

5 Habits for a Healthy Marriage

April 29, 2015 |

A little while ago I wrote about the first thing we’d discuss with you if we could have coffee together. Feel free to read that post if you haven’t, but basically we’d talk about your beliefs. Namely, your belief in the person and work of Jesus Christ and what that means for your marriage.

This blog post would be the second conversation we’d have with you. Read More

5 Principles for Creating a Purpose Driven Sex Life

April 9, 2015 |

Sex. A word that used to be taboo is now so commonplace you probably won’t go a day without hearing it at least a few times. Everything seems to have something to do with sex.

It’s funny really, that such a relatively small portion of anyone’s life is given such a heavy emphasis. Why does sex take up so much of society’s conversational bandwidth? Why are we so obsessed? Read More

Every Marriage Needs a Savior

April 2, 2015 |

Being authors of a marriage blog comes with its ups and downs. On the upside we get to be on the receiving end of encouraging messages (thank you!).

On the downside, it’s super easy to coast along, feeling like you have it all together as a married couple… but believe me, there are seasons where we feel as if we are coexisting rather than being married. Read More

Husbands: How to Cast Vision and Why It’s Important

March 19, 2015 |

As a husband, Selena looks to me to lead our family. She desires decisive, meaningful direction in our marriage and in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, she is definitely involved and vocal as we work together to craft our family vision. (Oh, how I married a strong, smart woman!) But as the husband, the buck ultimately stops with me – I’m responsible to lead lovingly Read More

Video: Blind Devotion

March 11, 2015 |

My wife shared this video with me late last night as I was preparing for bed. She simply texted it to me with a message, “you need to watch this right now”. Selena doesn’t share much in the way of interesting or inspiration articles she finds on the web. So when she insisted I watch, I knew it must be very good. Turns out, she was right.

This short film is all about selfless devotion and love. While I had a hint of what to expect based on the title alone, there was an unexpected turn in the video that honestly made me tear up. I don’t want to give away the plot so I’ll leave it at that. Watch, then continue reading below if you’d like… Read More

7 Reasons Why ‘Getting Away’ is Good for Your Marriage

March 6, 2015 |

Getting away with your spouse is a vital part of keeping things renewed and fresh. This means taking time to intentionally disconnect from your everyday world and reconnect with your life partner. I strongly believe that getting away should be a regular (at least monthly) occurrence in marriages; here’s why… Read More

Pursuing Deep Intimacy

February 19, 2015 |

We’ve all had those moments in our marriage where it seems like everything is perfectly synchronized.

It’s like a beautiful song; everyone is on the same wavelength; hubby understands everything we’re saying, both of you are on the same page about everything; intimacy is amazing and you’re marriage feels like it’s thriving on every level.

And then the inevitable conflict happens. Read More

Young couple: if we could have coffee together, here’s the one thing I’d tell you

February 5, 2015 |

Someone asked me the other day, “If you could have coffee with every young couple who reads your blog, what would you say to them?

The question caught me off guard and I didn’t know how to answer them right away. After a few days of hashing through quick responses, I kept coming up short. I even asked our Facebook family what they’d say (below); the comments are awesome, but I felt that if I had ONE opportunity I’d want to find the perfect topic. Read More