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Video: The Pressure of Perfection

It’s funny how we get married with sort of this unspen “vow” to be the perfect spouse and to have the perfect marriage. This pressure of perfection can come from many different places. In my opinion, social media probably takes the cake in terms of defining what the world sees as the perfect marriage. Which, if


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3 Big Fears Most Couples Face and the Only Way to Shut ’em Down

How many times have we allowed fear to dictate our decisions in marriage? Ryan and I are somewhat opposites in the fact that he is of a daredevil; ready to summit that next mountain; ride that next wave or simply try a new (somewhat risky) experience without much hesitation. This is one reason why I


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Video: Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life After We’ve Had Kids

There is quite a learning curve when you get married. Lots to learn, lots to figure out. Sooner or later, kids arrive on the scene and everything changes, so you have to start re-learning how to maintain a healthy marriage in new, wonderful ways. One of the biggest challenges most couples face (and we’ve gotten


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Video: 4 Important Things to Remember When Talking To Your Spouse

Communication is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your marriage. Many (like us) don’t realize that communication is a true skill: it must be practiced with mindfulness and diligence; otherwise you won’t grow. This all sounds painfully obvious, so I do apologize, but it’s still a huge problem area for most couples! Selena and


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How Christ’s Suffering Speaks to Suffering In Our Marriage

With Easter quickly approaching, I’ve been spending time in the bo of Matthew reading about Jesus’ crucifixion and the Lord has been opening my eyes and mind to the suffering he experienced this Holy Week. All too often I feel I gloss over the deep anxiety, despair, abandonment and betrayal that our blameless Savior walked through in order to give