Video: 12 Stages of a Proper Car Fight

We’ve all had plenty of fights… especially fights in the car. It’s become a bit of a joke for Selena and I, whenever we’re headed out on a road trip or a mini-getaway, we almost always have to spend the first hour “detoxing” from latent and yet-to-be-communicated frustrations. Our longer car rides usually start very pleasant and peaceful, much like a pot of water on…

Video: What does selfless love look like?

UPDATE: Ian and Larissa have recently written a book about their remarkable story. It’s called “Eight Twenty Eight”, and you can check it out on their website. We talk about selfless love quite a bit. It truly is the ultimate goal for married couples to understand and live out selfless love: both in how we love each other and in how we experience Christ’s love.

Video: What Does 50 Years of Marriage Look Like?

So what does 50 years of marriage and friendship look like? Bill & Glad show us a glimpse. I simply had to share their story. As Selena will attest, I’m not really a cryer. It’s not that I don’t feel, I think I’m just pretty even-keel about things. I think she can count on one hand the times she’s seen me cry…our wedding day, the death…

Book Review: Wife After God | A 30-Day Marriage Devotional for Wives

I don’t even know how to start this review. The Wife After God devotional literally put words to my heart and I am anxious to reread it AGAIN. In all honesty I’m a pretty harsh book critic, especially when it comes to devotionals (ask Ryan), and Wife After God is definitely NOT your ordinary morning devotional.

Video: Marriage Communication and Perspective on the Male Mind

This video is supposed to be a fun jab at marriage communication (or relationships in general)! Please don’t take it too seriously. I almost didn’t share it because I didn’t want our lady readers to feel belittled or that we’re making light of the “just listen” times in marriage.

Video: What if I’m Unhappy In My Marriage?

In this video we address the marriage myth that says “If I’m unhappy in my marriage, maybe I should get a divorce?” From what we have found, happiness is best viewed as a result and not an end in itself for a Christ-centered marriage. We may experience times of tension and frustration. When these times arise, we need to see them as times to sharpen…

Our First Video Blog: What Should We Talk About Next?

So, this is our first video blog post! It was actually much more fun than either of us thought it would be… This video’s purpose is three-fold: To say ‘howdy-do‘ to our new readers (and viewers!?) To introduce FM vids for the first time To ask YOU for ideas on what to talk about! Please post your ideas for future videos/blogs in the comments below!

Video: She almost flew away but he held on to her ever so tightly

We’re just meeting many of our readers, and we’re enjoying every minute of it. We plan on posting short video blogs over the next few weeks where we can be more transparent and accessible. We thought this first video would be a lighthearted place to start! Our best friends Jeff and Alise Marsh shot this video for us as gift, near our home in Palm…

Video: Sincerely Freedom: Battling Sexual Addiction

Heads up, this topic is intense and the delivery is extremely passionate. It’s well known that sexual addiction plagues many marriages today. This spoken word piece is not for the light hearted. With hard-hitting style and vivid truth, Nick Vitellaro challenges men and women alike to count the cost of pornography addiction and turn to God for lasting freedom.