10 Resolutions for a Strong Marriage (part 1)

I love new beginnings and New Year’s Day is no exception! It’s an opportunity to reflect back on the past year and plan for the new year without boundaries. For most, resolutions revolve around fitness goals or financial planning but they shouldn’t stop there. Couples should take this time of year to outline what you can do to allow your marriage to flourish!

Here are ten (five here, five in the next post) resolution suggestions that can make your marriage stronger this year.

Tips for Awesome Sex in Your Marriage (part 1)

Sex is awesome. However, not all sex is equally awesome. There are some instances in a marriage where sex is just sex and others where sex is, well… SEX. Why is each experience so different if essentially you’re doing the same thing? Let’s explore…

Why We Chose the Name: Fierce Marriage

Well, this is our inaugural post!┬áSelena and I have been considering starting this blog for a few months and we’ve finally gotten the nerve to give it a shot! It’s our hope and prayer that our readers can be sharpened and encouraged to cultivate a marriage that centered around Jesus Christ. At our very core, we know that Jesus is the glue that holds marriages…